Binge Building the 2019 Advent Calendar: Day 24: Epilogue. And a little something Xtra

In which we will see the contents of the final compartment of the 2019 LEGO City Advent calendar, and have a look at the LEGO Xtra 40368: Winter Accessories.

This is the third post this year looking at the LEGO City Advent Calendar for 2019. You can find the previous posts Here and Here. Today, we have but one remaining door to look behind.

The story so far…

Previously in the 2019 Advent Calendar: We met Johnny, a young boy, visiting his grandparents for the holidays with his family. Grandmais reading, after baking cookies and preparing some chicken in the kitchen for Christmas Eve. Grandpa is about to use is extinguisher on the open fire, so that Santa has clear and easy access down the Chimney.

Meanwhile, outside, The boy’s mum is taking photos, particularly of the snowman the kids built earlier. His dad is practicing his curling – sliding stones on the ice – in preparation for the intergenerational championship match that has become an annual tradition on Christmas Day. Having been catapulting snow balls earlier, the boy’s older sisters been practicing her gnarly moves on the snowboard. It is almost time to look for Santa’s impending arrival using the telescope. In the meantime, a dog sled has just arrived….

Now read on.

Day 24

It is probably of very little surprise to see Santa appear for building on the 24th of December. This is the same figure used in the LEGO City Advent Calendar in 2017. I think it is likely that he has arrived on the dog sled, and is then preparing to deliver presents to the family, resting inside after a busy day of preparation.

Something Xtra:

In the run up to Christmas, LEGO Sent me a some of the new Xtra polybag – this set contains Winter Accessories, and might be just the thing, with the ads of some white plates to convert a house or outside scene to be ready for the holiday season.

There are 30 elements in this poly bag, and not of them are unique. However some such as the snowshoes, small white foliage and the gold flower element are relatively new.

Assembling the parts according to the instructions, we put together snowman, giant candy cane, and some presents. The small conifer, and fence elements look like they may go together quite well. The set also comes with a dark azur beanie.

I built a couple of minifigure habitats, to encompass the exterior of a wooden house, with a simple exterior, as well as some steps heading down from the front door.

I told you it was pretty simple. To apply the Christmas conversion, I added some white plates to help imagine the recent snow fall. Lets install some fences around the place – including one on the front door; I built the snowman, and the giant candy cane. In the meantime, thanks to some magic beans, a small conifer has appeared in the yard. In the mean time, we can rug up our lad from the advent calendar with a beanie, and snow shoes.

With so many festive icons around the door step, and kids primed for a gift exchange, this vignette is looking very busy. I love the transformation they made to an otherwise dull scene. The only thing I would also consider adding to the set would be a scarf, in a colour other than orange. Such garments are great for keeping the body warm in the cold. I give this accessory pack 4/5 Arbitrary Praise Units.

The Xmas accessories Xtra set is available from for $6.99 AUD. At this price, the average price per element is approximately 23 c/ part. While some of these parts are relatively hard to get, there does appear to be a relative premium pricing for this back. There are two new Xtra sets coming soon: Foliage and sorting activities. I’ll take a look at them soon.

I’d like to take a moment to wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday Season and an exciting, brick filled 2020. In the next few days, we see the release of the 2020 Chinese New Year sets, my wedding anniversary, and a few days off until I return to work. Coming up in January will be Brickvention 2020, Melbourne’s major LEGO Fan Event. I’ll be attending, and presenting the results of my research into the ultimate fate of Bill and Mary – As such I will delay the post on this topic until later in January. Tickets for the convention day have sold out. Tickets for the Brickvention public expo can be purchased at

but in the meantime,

Play Well.

The Xtra set was provided by the LEGO Group for review and activity purposes. All opinions are my own.

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