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Sometimes life just gets in the way. Over the last year, I think I can count the number of times I have headed out to take photographs on one hand. I could make any number of excuses, but in real life I just hadn’t felt like it. Work has been busy. Writing and reviewing has been taken a little more energy than I expected. And I just haven’t felt in the mood.

Perhaps I was feeling a little old, and my sigfig was looking a little out of date. My beard is a little more grey than when I last put him together.

Putting in a quick order before travelling, and I secured an appropriate supply of appropriate heads, and packed a box of minifigures, ready to go.

Cue arriving at the LEGO Fan Media Days, 2019. I arrived in Billund a little early, and went to visit the LEGO House. I brought out my sigfig, and also a trio of figures from my childhood, and took their pictures on the terraces. To me, it felt a little like going through the motions – something I was obliged to do while I was visiting the mothership.

Once the event was underway,I was delighted to be able to catch up again with @herrsm and @ballou34, from Stuck in Plastic. On our final day in Billund, we spent a little time in the LEGOLAND Park. And then it hit me. Inspiration that is.

I found a rock wall, covered in moss. Dark grey and green, with just s lither of light slicing through. I pulled out my krashs custom, resplendent in purple, with a television for a head, I placed him onto the moss. Suitably displaced, the contrast was appealing. We turned around, and saw a small hollow in the opposite wall, and placed our sig-figs into it, but something was missing. We had our figures running, but what ever for? Stefan reached into his bag and pulled out the perfect plot device: A dinosaur.

So now we had something to run from. A little supplementary light from a Lume Cube, and we were done. My final result was not necessarily my most brilliant photo ever, but it was fun. Minifigs running from a dinosaur

Next we made our way to Miniland. Stuck in Plastic have a toy safari coming up in Denmark shortly. so, we made our way to some of the buildings in the Danish Quarter, and posed our sig figs in front of some regal Danish Architecture.

For me, spending a little bit of time getting back to my Minifigure photography roots after some time away from it was pretty special. Being able to spend some time doing it with friends, in the heart of the LEGOLAND park in Billund, made it all the more special. I may not be going out too often in the next few weeks, but I do feel more inspired to go out and be creative again.

Have you ever found inspiration after a period of creative block? What helped to fix it for you? Why not leave your comments below, and until next time,

Play Well.

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