Disney Habitat Winners Announced

The time has come to announce the winners in the Rambling Brick’s Disney Minfigure Habitat Challenge. Overall, there were 33 entries from 22 people, sent in from all over the world. With a set of Series 2 Collectable Minifigures to be won, as well as Prizes from the LEGO Store, courtesy of the LEGO Group’s AFOL Engagement Team, I had a panel of judges, consisting of several winners of previous ‘Rambling Brick’ Competitions, help me out. I’m glad I did, because there were some amazing entries!

Read on to see the Winning Entries:

First Prize winner

Timothy Williams: Sisters Never Part.

Tim submitted this awesome rendered habitat featuring Elsa from Frozen. We loved the inlay on the floor, the light fitting, the column detail and the detail on the walls. In fact, everything about it impressed us.

But then he coupled it with a matching vignette featuring Anna. This featured more floor detail, a delightfully detailed fireplace and a pile of letters on her dresser. the combination was truly impressive. The single vignette, was a clear winner in its own right, however.

1st Runner Up

Edna’s Workroom by Catrin Johnson

When superheroes need something bold, dramatic and heroic – Edna Mode saves the day. She designs, sews and irons an incredible (and often award-winning) custom-made supersuit in her workshop. Always including the perfect crime fighting extras – but NEVER a cape Darling!

There is so much going on in this workroom for Edna Mode: there are super suits waiting to be tried on, a sewing machine, stacks of material and neat parts usage, using the surfboard as an ironing board!

2nd Runner Up

Jafar’s Lair by Aiden K

The judges loved the level of detail tucked into this model, especially the floor and bench. Tucking the bookshelf into the wall was also very clever.

And there’s more…

There were lots of other entries, which you can see here:

As you, can see, there were some subjects that really captured the imagination – especially Scrooge McDuck, taking his daily swim in the vault.

Jafar was another popular figure to find a home for.

Some entries were…Incredible

Others were more focused on Chipmunks,

Jack Skellington Inspired several habitats.

And finally, a couple more for Dewey, Hercules and Elsa!

Congratulations and thank you to all who entered: There is no doubt that you all approached the challenge with enthusiasm and passion! Thank you all for your contributions.

Play Well Award

As well as some amazing individual entries, I have been excited to see how so many families have embraced the challenge, and inspired each other to build entries. It has warmed my heart, and as such, the Rambling Brick is pleased to be able to offer special ‘Play Well’ awards to households where multiple members have provided entries. Partners, parents, children, siblings: all feeing inspired to work together. This was unexpected, but something I would love to encourage. As such, I’ll find some small Creator or Classic sets to send out to these households.

I would like to thank the judging panel for their input: without their help, this would be an impossible task. I would also like to thank the LEGO Group’s AFOL Engagement team, for providing the prizes,

I’m off on a trip to Billund this week, and I am sure that I will have some more news to share with you from LEGO HQ! Is there anything you want to know? I will be having interviews with the teams from Architecture, Technic, Powered Up, Games, Overwatch, as well as the Adult Engagement team. why not let me know about any questions you have, and until next time…

Play Well.

Prizes for this competition were kindly provided by the LEGO Group.

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