The Rambling Brick Is Going On The Road…

The Rambling Brick is going on the road, and I need your help!

Next Week, the Rambling Brick is off to Billund, to take part in the Recognised LEGO Fan Media Days.
I have some interviews lined up with designers from Architecture, Overwatch, Powered Up, LEGO Games and Technic.

I will also have meetings with members of the AFOL engagement team, plan to visit the LEGO House, and check out LEGOLAND Billund. Perhaps I will also discover why there are so many Pizza Shops in LEGO Sets.

Do you have any questions you would like answered by these teams? Why not send them in your questions to

I will be visiting LEGOLAND Germany on May 28-29, and ultimately making my way to Paredes de Coura fan weekend in Portugal June 7-9.

I’m really excited about this trip, and I’d love to catch up with any readers along the way. In the meantime I’d better finish a couple of posts, judge the Minifigure’s habitat competition and pack my bags. Until Next Time,

Play Well!

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