The Road to Sydney Brick Show [Disney minifigures preview and tease]

My life has been a little preoccupied with preparing to exhibit at the Sydney Brick Show this weekend. I have been getting ready to post my review of Series 2 of the Disney Minifigures. But here is a sneak peek…

I thought, like other series that it would be a quick snapshot and go. Then I noticed something really interesting, that I had never seen with Collectable Minifigures in the past (Please note: “really interesting to me” may have limited widespread appeal. But it has significant implications going forward). This means I need to have a second look before I publish my findings.

Anyway… Sydney.

After arriving at Sydney Airport, I caught the train to central, and changed for the eastern suburbs line. Bondi Junction was the last stop. It took about 40 minutes from landing at Sydney airport, to get to this stop. After finding the Oxford St exit, it was a short walk (10 minutes) to the Westfield shopping centre, and the Certified LEGO Shop within.

There is not a lot that has not been reported by others before: it’s a fun place to visit- spread over 2 floors, you could find most of the current catalog in stock.

Indeed, I could finally see Steamboat Willlie ‘In the Brick.’

The shop has only been open for a couple of weeks, and the staff are excited and enthusiastic.

The things that make this shop unique compared to others, however would be the sculptures and mosaics.

Downstairs, there is a sculpture of a minifigure surfer, His board is on the floor, and labelled ‘step here’. Then he springs to life: his head turns and he speaks: his face, it turns out, is in fact a nicely colour matched screen, which is animated as he talks: not just just a moving mouth, he also blinks and looks around!

Behild the surfer is a huge mosaic depicting ‘life on the beach’

We also find the Build a Minifigure Station, fully loaded and waiting to go…

Looking further around the ground floor, we find a sculpture of the Shark minifig. I paused for the obligatory selfie…

Just before you reach the stairs, there is a small room, with a large building bench, occupied by families spending some time together. As such I did not photograph it. However, Emmet was watching them…

Walking up the stairs, I travelled backwards along a timeline of LEGO history. Once there I find the Star Wars sets, as well as some of the larger technic, Boost and Overwatch sets. One wall is dominated by a sight guaranteed to warm the heart of any AFOL with a large scale building project close at hand. The Pick A Brick Wall

Now the contents off PAB walls can be transient things: suffice to say there were lots of bricks and plates in lots of colors, some wheels, jets, radar dishes and small wings.

And Flowers. Lots of flowers, in the new 5 petal style. Here are my personal highlights from the wall today.

After you have laden your arms with the pick a brick and any large sets, you might wish to head down in the lift (don’t worry about the sign, it goes in both directions).

Believe it or not, I haven’t shown you all of the mosaics of sculptured, so there is still more to see. So, in short, its a fun place to visit, with a few things you won’t see anywhere else in Australia.

But I was talking about the mini figures initially:

This weekend I am at the Sydney Brick Show. If you are here, try and find me…I have some figures from the Disney Series 2 to Give away: Take a picture while you are at the show, share it on instagram and tag me @ramblingbrick. I have 4 figures to give away, today and another 4 tomorrow…

If you are in town, I hope to catch up with you over the weekend. Until then: Play Well.

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