The Downfall of Bricksburg [Rapid Review 10895 Emmet And Lucy’s Visitors from the Planet DUPLO]

At the end of the LEGO Move, we saw the town of Bricksburg invaded by visitors from the Planet DUPLO (And we will destroy you all…). These creatures finally appeared in DUPLO Form this year. On the eve of the official opening of the film in Australia, I built this set as a live stream using Facebook Live.

Using Facebook live as a streaming service kind of makes me sad. More because of the global insidiousness that facebook has in our lives, and the way in which access is difficult to anyone who does not wish to hold an account. But it is simple, and It is where much of my traffic is generated, so I thought I would give this platform another chance. I again used “LightStream” to broadcast the stream, and I was live for approximately forty five minutes.

The set comes with 53 pieces and two Duplo figures: Emmet and Lucy now represented in DUPLO Figure Form. While the front of the box does demonstrate the main build, the back of the box does contain some alternate builds, which most children would be able to follow from the pictures on the back.

Emmet appears very similar in colouring to the minifigure, as does Lucy. Emmet has a spade (as any construction worker should?) and an oversized cup for his overpriced coffee (appearing in white for the very first time.. Lucy has a sign: (don’t) STOP on one side and GO (for it) on the other.

The elements are predominantly medium azure and yellow in colour, although we also see medium lilac, dark azure, bright yellowish green, red, purple, blue and white.

Most of the elements have been around for a few years now, but the printing of this design of single eye on the 2×2 bricks (as well as the bricks with a curve on top) is first seen in this set. The medium violet 1x2x2 is also a new part.

Our invaders are relatively simple to build, and are quite clever. One is certainly a copy of there one declaring the invasion at the end of the first movie, while another (with azure and blue legs) is a smaller version of a creature seen briefly on screen in TLM2

Admittedly, building this set doesn’t seem to take long, and I do love its colourful nature, as well as the eye prints. The use of the slide as a tongue is also clever. It won’t take too long to pull them apart and rebuild something truly hideous. I’ll probably give it a try later!

If you are a toddler, you already love your DUPLO. But you are probably not reading this for yourself. If you are a completionist AFOL, you will need this set. While I have enjoyed building and playing with this set, I think most AFOLs could take it or leave it, unlessMy favourite part is the presence of alternative builds on the back of the box. Something we haven’t seen in system sets for some time now, in the absence of printed instructions. It would have been great if there were adequate parts to build the complete tentacled monster seen above, but the modified version seen in this set is recognisable, and simple enough to keep most young builders engaged. But I now feel a need to expand it. The figures were also fun to play with in this scale.

I found this set a refreshing change in pace from many of the builds I have done lately, and give it three point five out of five(3.5/5) arbitrary praise units.

This was a fun, final TLM2 build to stream before the opening of the movie. I hope you have enjoyed this quick survey of the first DUPLO Set to come out of the LEGO Movie franchise, during its 50th anniversary year.

What do you think? Will it reignite your interest and desire to build big? Or just leave you thinking ‘meh?’ Leave your comment’s below, and don’t forget to join BricktasticBlog and I in our Speed Build Battle on Sunday 31st March, 23:00 AEDT; 20:00AWST; 12:00 UTC. Until next time,

Play Well!

This set was provided by the LEGO® Adult Engagement team for review purposes. All opinions, however are my own.

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