The Rambling Brick’s Advent-ure #12

We finally got around to decorating our Christmas tree last night. As we unpacked our decorations we found these great baubles, Holiday Ornaments 852744 from 2009. Released as a set of three, we have several different renditions of Santa Claus: one wielding a sack, another with a present, and finally one on skis! I think we found them when we visited the USA around that time.  Based around a printed white brick for Santa’s head, each of these models is subtly different. As a group, they provide an interesting look in our tree.

Catching up with our friends:

Today, we have a look behind window number 12.  As well as a sprig of holly, I am seeing stars.  These stars are often used in association with Stephanie’s models, clothes and jewellery. 

As you might expect from a group of bricks associated with Stephanie, we see a collection of medium azure, gold and white.

Building it up, following the instructions on the back of the door, we put together a trophy, complete with a gold star!  Stephanie would be so excited.  So now we have builds associated with Andrea, Emma and now Stephanie.  

We are now half way through Advent: only another 12 days to go. I wonder when we will see models associated with Mia and Olivia?  Looking at the doors, I think you could be making a pretty good guess if you thought 17 and 22.  Oh well, time will tell.

Come back tomorrow as we continue our Adventure, and I start to struggle with ideas to take me through to the 24th of December.

Until then, Play Well!

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