The Rambling Brick’s Advent-ure #11

Today, we continue our Advent-ure: exploring past and present seasonal LEGO® sets released over the years.

Time for something we just have hanging around…

I am preparing to decorate my Christmas Tree. I suspect there might be some LEGO® based decorations to go on it this year. One, we picked up while travelling a few years ago, and was sitting close to the top of our box of decorations: 851358 – Holiday Bauble with White Bricks.

In a day or two, this bauble will be just hanging around…

The name is somewhat of a misnomer: this bauble also contains a selection of transparent clear and transparent light blue bricks, for an appropriately icy effect. Did I mention that it is now summer in Australia?

As you can see, the trans clear bauble has a snowflake motif printed on it, and is filled with a variety of bricks of different sizes. There have been a variety of Tree ornaments released over the years, but to date we have seen plain red, green, gold and this mixed white/transparent collection. I find them nice and neutral, amongst our less LEGO like ornaments: they are simple and stark, but still demonstrate our passion.  Other ornaments have also been produced, but I will save those for another day.

Do you have any of these ornaments on your Christmas Tree? Why not leave your comments below.

Catching up with our friends: 

Today, we go behind door number eleven of our Friends Advent Calendar. I was wondering if the heart could be significant, beyond Heartlake City, but given I can count another 21 on box, I suspect not. It just seemed a bit brighter than the others.

This looks like an interesting collection of elements, with no immediately obvious function, but some nicely contrasting lavender and purple.

It appears to be a lantern, with a candle providing the light: certainly in times gone by, you may have used arrangements like this to light your Christmas tree, but in this day and age (and indeed in the Australian summer) we would worry more about it all going up in a puff of smoke. I quite enjoyed this little build, as simple as it seems, and am looking forward to tomorrow’s build.

As we continue through our trip through Christmases past and present, come back tomorrow as we reveal the next day in our Friend’s advent calendar.  Until then, Play well!

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