Creator Expert Vestas Wind Turbine Re-released and Sustainability Update [Announcement/Preview]


In which we get a glimpse of another set re-released after 10 years and have a quick review of some of the recent steps the LEGO Group are taking towards a sustainable future.4999-1

Ten years ago, LEGO® set 4999 was released. A limited release set produced for Vestas®, a company which produces a significant number of wind turbines around the world,  this set was never made available to the general public.  Measuring over two feet high, it does have significant gravitas as a display piece.

Today, at the New York Climate Week,  the LEGO Group has announced the re-release of this set, as 10268 Vestas Wind Turbine. This time, the set will be available to the general public, from Black Friday (November 23). With 826 elements, the count is a little higher than the 803 listed for the older set in the database maintained by Brickset. In Australia, it will cost $AUD329. A full international price list is listed at the bottom of this post.

The Vestas Wind Turbine also includes a Power Functions Battery box, M motor, with a long extension cable, to get the turbine spinning, as well as lights.

Consisting of the wind turbine sitting on a small hill, with a house, service van and three minifigures, this set maintains many of the characteristics of the original.  Most of the elements in that set were readily available, except for one.  A green ‘Large ugly rock piece.’ While these could easily be substituted for one in grey, the green one has gone back into production for this set. The trees in this set are some of the first ‘Plants from Plants’ available for purchase in LEGO sets.  Earlier in the year, a promotional set was available, as a gift with purchase, in some markets.

Looking at the build, we see a delightful, small, red house, with functioning lights on the front porch.  There is also a small patio with some interesting furniture designs.  The technicians from Vestas have a number of complicated pieces of equipment in their truck.

While the original set has a number of stickers, the new model features printed elements. Other wise, the new model appears almost identical to the old version.  Our Vestas service personnel now have printed torsos, and dark blue hard hats. We also have a new printed torso for the resident of the the house.

OUT OF THE VAULT & available soon to fans – The NEW LEGO® Creator Expert Vestas® Wind Turbine

  • The first-time consumers can purchase a LEGO set featuring new ‘Plants from Plants’ elements – made from plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane
  • A key collaboration between the LEGO Group and Vestas®, the world leader in sustainable energy solutions
  • Through investments in wind power the LEGO Group balances 100% of the energy used to make LEGO bricks with energy from renewable sources.
  • Available from Black Friday (November 23rd)

[26th September 2018] While the world-renowned New York Climate Week (24 – 30 September) is live, the LEGO Group has today unveiled the latest LEGO Creator Expert set to come ‘Out of the Vault’ – Vestas® Wind Turbine following popular demand of the original and to celebrate play, creativity and imagination whilst also raising awareness about sustainability and renewable energy in partnership with Vestas®. This is the very first set available to purchase that features one of the all-new sustainably sourced plant-based plastic LEGO elements, Plants from Plants. This renewable energy focused set will be available directly in LEGO Stores and this Black Friday (23rd November 2018).

The LEGO Creator Expert Vestas® Wind Turbine has been designed in partnership with the sets’ namesake and world’s leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, Vestas®, who have installed 65,000 wind turbines in around 80 countries.

The 826-piece model stands nearly a meter-high towering over a wooded hill, featuring the new ‘Plants from Plants’ spruce tree. Made from plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane, the inclusion of these elements is part of the first steps in the LEGO Group’s ambition to use sustainable materials in products by 2030 and packaging by 2025.

This latest instalment in the LEGO Creator Expert Series has been designed to provide a challenging and rewarding building experience with a touch of nostalgia, with builders discovering a house complete with a furnished patio and a working porch light and powered wind turbine, as well as three LEGO Vestas® servicemen Minifigures and a LEGO dog.

The set measures 100cm high, 72cm wide and 31cm deep and features adjustable wind blades (not as big as the real thing of course, which measures more than 2m longer than a London double-decker bus, but impressive none the least), detailed tower, movable nacelle with aircraft warning lights and power functions to automate the set.

The LEGO Vestas® Wind Turbine celebrates creativity in addition to the LEGO Group’s commitment to making a positive impact on the environment. Through investment in wind power the LEGO Group balances 100% of the energy used to make LEGO bricks with energy from renewable sources.

Tim Brooks, Vice President, Environmental Responsibility at LEGO Group commented: “We strive to make a positive impact on the environment and are committed to climate action and to use sustainable materials in products and packaging. This wind turbine celebrates our first steps in bringing these ambitions to life and we hope it will inspire builders to learn about renewable energy. In August we released the first LEGO elements made from plants and now our fans around the world can buy a LEGO set containing these unique elements.”

Morten Dyrholm, Group Senior Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs at Vestas® said: “Today, wind energy is the cheapest source of energy in many markets, which have made wind turbines a sustainability icon across the globe and we are proud to partner with the LEGO Group on this relaunch. The original Vestas® wind turbine LEGO model was specially created for Vestas® to promote wind energy to a small audience within energy and as such, today’s relaunch to the global LEGO community tells the story of how wind energy have gone from niche to mainstream, not just within energy but the entire world.”

The LEGO Creator Expert Vestas® Wind Turbine is the latest in the Creator Expert line of products and will be available to buy on Black Friday (23rd Nov) directly from LEGO Stores and

Available directly from LEGO Stores & from 23rd November

Sustainability as a theme

Sustainability is a key theme in the corporate narrative at the LEGO Group at present, and it makes sense to produce a flagship set that highlights these core goals within the group.

This year, we have seen the official announcement of ‘Plants from Plants’ – botanical elements produced from ethanol derived from sustainable sugarcane.  This adds to other commitments made in recent years including:

The Burbo Bank Extension wind farm is a joint venture between DONG Energy (50%) and its partners PKA (25%) and KIRKBI A/S (25%), parent company of the LEGO Group. © DONG Energy A/S.
  • In the near future, 20,000 solar panels will be installed on the roof of the LEGO® factory in Jiaxing, China. The panels will produce almost six gigawatts of energy per year. This is equivalent to the electricity use of more than 6,000 Chinese households.
  • There are further environmental goals that the LEGO® Group have committed to reach by 2020 as part of their partnership with the Worldwide Fund for Nature  including: a reduction in CO2 emissions by 10% per brick, compared with 2016 levels, maintaining the 100% renewable energy balance achievement, a reduction in CO2 emissions in the supply chain.  There is also a commitment to engage employees in reducing the environmental impact of operations, and maintaining a positive corporate position on climate change.
  • There is also a commitment to have packaging 100% sustainable by 2025 as well as an ongoing quest to develop plastics from sustainable sources.  While the ‘Plants from Plants’ is a good start, the search is on to find a replacement for ABS as the primary plastic used in regular elements.  The goal is currently to attain this goal by 2032, the 100th anniversary of the company.

Given the nature of the model, I think it is quite appropriate to ‘bring it back’ from the vault, where it can be appreciated by a wider, energy conscious audience.  What do you think? Is this a set you long to have? or are you a frustrated investor who had been holding onto the original set, mint – in box.  How do you feel about some of these older sets, with common elements, being released? Last November we heard about the Taj Majal coming back, 10 years after its initial release.  I wonder what next year will bring.

This set looks like it has some nifty builds, although some level of repetition should be expected, especially with the shape of  turbine. I’d love to know what you think about this set.  I am intrigued by this set, particularly with regards to the turbine. This set WILL NOT be available until the end of November.  Is this a must buy set, or one that you will wait and see?  Why not leave your comments below.  Until next time…

Play Well!

International Pricing:

Germany 179.99 EUR Austria 179.99 EUR
Australia 329.99 AUD Belgium 199.99 EUR
Switzerland 239.0 CHF China 1999.0 CNY
Czech Republic 4699.0 CZK Denmark 1499.0 DKK
Estonia 219.99 EUR Spain 179.99 EUR
Finland 219.95 EUR France 179.99 EUR
United Kingdom 159.99 GBP Hong Kong 1699.0 HKD
Croatia 179.99 EUR Hungary 56999.0 HUF
Italy 179.99 EUR Japan 27980.0 JPY
South Korea 279900.0 KRW Malaysia 923.01 MYR
The Netherlands 199.99 EUR Norway 1999.0 NOK
New Zealand 399.99 NZD Poland 829.99 PLN
Portugal 179.99 EUR Romania 899.99 RON
Russian Fed. 14999.0 RUB Sweden 1999.0 SEK
Singapore 329.9 SGD
Slovenia 179.99 EUR Slovakia 179.99 EUR
Turkey 899.9 TRY Taiwan 6999.0 TWD
Ukraine 5799.0 UAH South Africa 2999.99 ZAR
USA 199.99 USD Brazil 1399.99 BRL
Canada 249.99 CAD Mexico 3299.0 MXN

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