WeDo vs Boost Servo Motor: Speed Comparison.

We take a break from nostalgia today as we return to turn to look at the Powered Up system. We now have three motors that we are able to use with the powered up system. The train motor, the ‘m’ motor ( the same motor supplied with the new Batmobile, and the WeDo 2.0 system) and finally the Servo motor which comes with LEGO Boost.

A few weeks ago, while reviewing the 60197 Passenger Train, I performed some endurance tests using both the Powered Up and Power Functions platforms. While waiting for the rechargeable PF battery to run down, I performed some other tests using a WeDo M motor (the same as the motors supplied with the App powered batmobile) and the Servo motor supplied with LEGO Boost.

Both motors run in response to a trigger from the remote control, but only to run at full speed and then stop when the trigger is released.  The Boost servo motor ran significantly slower than the M motor.  It also appeared to be capable of generating higher torque than the M- Motor ( using the highly scientific ‘try to stop the motor spindle rotating with my fingers’ test) while I don’t have any useful way to test the torque, here is a speed comparison for your enjoyment:

Watching the motors spin, and counting the revolutions, we have a ratio of 1.62:1 rotations, with the M-motor being significantly faster. I hope you can find a way to use this information in your life.

I find it frustrating that there is currently no way to set any motor running continuously after touching and releasing the button, other than the train motor. We know that the Battery Hub has the potential to have its firmware upgraded over the app, or to be potentially controlled by 3rd party applications, and I see the presence of ‘bang’controls only for these motors to be a bit frustrating: what if I want to drive my roller coaster for a day at a show? I look forward to seeing a solution for this before too long.

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