Ant-Man and the Wasp Competition Extended to August 31, 2018

img_2218A few weeks ago, I announced our building competition, to win one of two  ‘76109 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Realm Explorers’, thanks to our friends in the AFOL Engagement team at the LEGO Group.

Ant-man’s suit gives him the ability to grow very large, or shrink very small. Build a model where a minifigure might be very large ( that is, where things are built in microscale) or very small (where the model is much greater than minifigure scale). Put a minifigure in it, to give us the idea. Further rules can be read in the original post.

A giant figure skates along on the back of a truck. Image: Jason Cichon

August is a difficult time to run a contest – with everyone up to their ears in new Star Wars, Technic and Harry Potter Sets! As such, the closing date for entries has been extended for 2 weeks – Midnight, at the end of August 31st, Australian Eastern Standard Time. so get your thinking hats on and submit your entries over email or facebook messenger, or use the hashtag #RamblingAntMan on Instagram or Flickr.

I’m looking forward to seeing your entries, so find some inspiration and get building.

Until Next time

Play Well.

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