‘Decorate the LEGO House’ competition winners announced

Earlier this week, LEGO Rebrick announced the winners of their ‘Decorate the LEGO House contest.‘ Featuring entries focussing on the themes of ‘LEGO Minifigure Interiors’ as well as ‘Nature,’ there are some fantastic models that will be displayed in the LEGO House in Billund for the next twelve months. Take a moment to follow the link and check out some of the winners. The quality of entries was such that the number of winning entries was ultimately doubled from twenty to forty.

I was excited to see one MOC that I recognised make the cut: Jason Cichon’s Honeycomb was on display at Brickvention 2017, and features some immaculately spaced hexagons, and a larger than life Honey Bee.  The solid black frame really sets it off.

There are also some beautiful flowers including this brilliant White Flower from wallyjarek, and  a gorgeous orchid from ACPinlac:



Now we can see where the Jason’s Bee accumulates the nectar from!

There are also some brilliant animals and small landscapes in the Nature category: you should go and look at them at the rebrick.it site.

One of my favourite interiors is this update on the Ninjago City Crab Restaurant from Brickplier:Large-4

A beautiful walled garden by TheresaElsmoreLarge-5

And this marvellous tribute to the way in which LEGO® building brings us all together with ‘Family Build Time’ by Bricknave.Large-6

Congratulations to all those whose entries will be on display for the next twelve months in Billund.  If you have a chance to see these models in real life, share them on social media and tag #ramblingbrick – I’d love to see them in place, but will not be able to visit the LEGO House in this timeframe.

All of the winning entries demonstrate clever building techniques, balanced used of colour and demonstrate some neat parts usage: check out the use of the minifigure arm on the arched, as well as the Ehrling bricks making up the tiled kitchen floor in the Family building time model.

Once again, I would encourage you to visit the competition site, to have a closer look at some of the inspiring techniques used. Once you have, why not share your favourite entry, and build technique demonstrated by the winners.  Until next time…

Play well!

Thanks Mabel.

PS:  This evening’s planned post was delayed somewhat by the family dog stealing Thor’s Weapon Quest… Some damage was sustained, but I hope to bring the review to you before too long.

Yes, the dog ate my homework!

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