Welcome to the Year of the Dog: 40235

IMG_9956As the Lunar New Year approaches, our minds turn to the Year of the Dog.  Set 40235 has been available in Australian Myer Stores as a Gift With Purchase for purchases of over $AUD88  This is the fourth set in this series, including last year’s year of the Rooster (40234), 2016’s Year of the Monkey(40207) and 2015’s Year of the Sheep (40148). The Year of the Snake set from 2013 (10250) is of a completely different aesthetic: more of the creator 4 in one build able creatures type of set.  I would not include it in the current series. As well as the LEGO elements and instructions, the set comes with an envelope in which to place a gift of money for the recipient of the set.

IMG_9963The set has 155 parts, a bright green circular base, with red and pearl gold highlights.  The bricks making up the dog are predominantly white and dark orange, with printed eye tiles.  Their are some great examples of SNOT (studs not on top) techniques used in this set, allowing lots of plates with bows to form a rounded body. We see examples of the 2/3 high plate with stud on the side, sitting on top od a regular brick with studs on the side, and we see the same 2/3 plate used directly below a brick with studs on the side.  This gives us another example of how these elements may be used together to allow a plate to be attached to the side.

Unlike last year’s rooster, the eye tiles used here are a fairly standard print.  I did like the look of the rooster’s eye’s last year, using an animation/comic book style of eye design, even though it was a sticker. Admittedly, using this stickered eye on our dog looks a little weird.

This is a great little set. the build is quick and simple, and as you can see, has some interesting dark orange elements as well as nice snot techniques, to help you round out the dog’s body and head.

There is some slight movement of the ears, and 3 points of articulation for the tail. Note the way that the eyes change with such subtle movement of the ears…


The Year of the Dog: Meet Mabel

So there is another reason our household has been busy:  We have been kept busy, failing to train Mabel, our 6 month old cavoodle puppy! At least she doesn’t chew the bricks…too often.


I am a sucker for a small set, especially one with a brick built animal.  There are relatively few options for posturing the model from this set, and I think it is very much a display piece, rather than a model to play with. I give it 3.5 arbitrary Praise Units out of 5.  Availability of 40235 is limited around the world, hopefully you will be able to pick it up as a gift with purchase somewhere. The offer at Myer is ‘While stocks last’.

What do you think of this seasonal series? I am delighted by the cartoonish aspects of their appearance, and am now looking forward to the new set being announced each year.

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Play Well.

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