The Christmas build up keeps building up: day 15 (bonus content)

‘So let you light so shine before men…’

So there is our cryptic clue, which Facebook may have spoiled for you. But there are many more examples of today’s build from recent year’s sets!

Today we have a terrific brick built lamp post. Simple, with 3 cylinders, a pearl gold plate and a transparent clear mini figure head, there is no doubt that this is a lamp post, complete with Christmas Wreaths!

The Winter Village sets havetypically featured lamp posts over the last 9 years, and they are all different: here is a quick review of other the other seasonal lamp posts of recent years:The original Winter Village Toy Shop 10199 gave us this beautiful gaslight, by a park bench:

In 2010, the Winter Village Bakery gave us this lamp, with a 2×2 cylinder brick as the lamp housing. It conveniently carried a sign for the bakery:

The winter post office, 10222 had this ornate pole, suggesting early dabblings in electrickery:

The 10229, Winter Village Cottage has this lamp , lookin like something out of the 30’s, with nice snot work, and an elegant bow.

The Winter Village Market(10235) from 2013 showed us this great use of a lance as part of this gaslight. The life preserver in green is also a novel wreath

A break from tradition in 2014 saw Santa’s Workshop appear. There was no lamppost, but we had this lamp hanging from the building:

The reissued Toy Shop (10249) featured almost identical lamps to the original. However, the trans yellow elements inside the globes this time are round 1×1 bricks, rather than 1×1 cones. Subtle!

While the Winter Holiday Train (10254) was relatively light on for buildings. There was a park bench with a streetlight:

With only a few subtle changes at the base, the Winter Village Railway Station 10259 clearly shares design lineage with the train, if the lamp posts are anything to go by.

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