Beginning with Boost II: Walking Base

Last week we met Vernie, one of the hero models that is part of LEGO Boost.  Today I wanted to just quickly look at the walking base, a creative platform designed to be built on with your own bricks.

The instructions are included in the app, and accessed through the secret portal…

finding walker
Diving into the vortex behind the curtain reveals both the walking and driving platforms.

The build took me about 45 minutes, with a few distractions in the room. The build was made much easier by the fact that I had sorted elements after dismantling Vernie last week.

The two motor channels on the Boost Move Hub are utilised,  leaving the other channels free to use the additional motor or the sensor, if you wish. The left motor is used to drive the walking motion, and the right motor controls the tail movement, and missile launching.  Because every armoured walker requires a missile launcher. There is a freely moving block at the front that is designed to mount the face on.  If you wish, you could control it using the additional motor.


The right motor channel powers the walking.
The right motor channel drives the tail, which if moved to the extremities of its range will fire the missile.

One of the things that caught my eye during the construction was the use of the rubber damper (4198367) in the front feet, to ensure traction on a slippery floor.

Functionality in the App:

Function is controlled through the Boost App, and is relatively simple:

Motor controlThe move block allows for speed of footsteps, and the duration.  There are also action blocks for firing the missile (which brings up an appropriate warning on screen), and the additional motor should you choose to use it, as well as raising and lowering the tail.

outputWe have code blocks for detectors including colour, distance, tilt and sound.


As well as these outputs, we can also control the light on the sensor, the Move Hub or make the tablet play a sound…

output 2


walker stylesThe real potential for this base is how you choose to build on it, whether following one of the design cues provided, or building your own walking creature (or mobile laboratory/headquarters).

Walking is a complicated mechanism to manage form the inexperienced builder, and the inclusion of such instructions here is extremely useful. They could be altered to create longer legs, or a different shape. What we have here, however is a great core for building onto, and the result will be a great working model, that is easy to control and move. Automated MOCs couldn’t be easier.

What would you build onto the base? Why not comment below, and subscribe for further updates as we look at the other Boost models, as well as other LEGO tips, news and reviews.  Until next time…


Play well.

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