LEGO Dimensions receiving no further expansion: now you can play all there is going to be!

Warner Interactive announced today on their twitter feed that will be no further ongoing development of LEGO Dimensions, including expansion packs.

The toys to life game which provided players with the opportunity to mash up themes from Ghostbusters to Lord of the Rings to DC Superheroes to Doctor Who will see no further development. This comes as little surprise after an internal email at developer TT Games thanked employees for their enthusiasm and dedication to the project.

The game also brought a large number of pop culture references into the LEGO game space, and saw some unanticipated minifigures released. These included Gremlins, Back to the Future, Mission Impossible, the A-Team, the Goonies and my personal favorite, Midway Arcade.

The most recent wave of expansion sets containing the Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans Go! will be the last to be released.

For me, the disappointing aspects lies in the fact that the main storyline of the game with Vortech snatching people throughout time will not be completed, as well as a rumoured new Doctor Who Level pack.

However, there is some good news: the servers remain active into the foreseeable future. If you get expansion sets, they will still work; the game remains playable. Customer support will still be a thing.

For completionists I see two positive aspects: all expansion sets are in the wild for collectors to gather; and the game space is now completely defined: you can now do all that can be done.

While TT Games and Warner Interactive have concluded development, there are two things I would love to see: a Vortech minifigure as a tribute to the major villain behind the story, and a consolidated PDF file containing the building instructions for all of the minibuilds.

What will you miss about Dimensions?

Did you play the game? Or just collect the packs for the figures?

How about a new premium line of IP based licensed minifigures to replace the fun, team and level packs? Would that appeal to you, or is it more appealing to have 3rd party custom figures to be produced?

Lots of questions.

Why not leave some answers in the comments below.

Until next time

Play well

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