LEGO Batman Movie Batwing Polybag: Free with Purchase (at one retailer in Australia) + Review

The LEGO Batman Movie coming to DVD/Blu Ray/ 4K-UHD and digital formats! After waiting six weeks from the international release for it to arrive in Australia, it turns out we only have to wait until June 28 –  fifteen days after the US release. Already, we are staring to hear some of the marketing buzz.  In the US, Target already has an edition with Batgirl Polybag (30612) and four post cards. And Walmart is offering a special edition Bluray-DVD-Digital Download and Lunchbox (with removable cape!) pack. We are still waiting to hear if any of these will be coming to Australia. I would be really excited if the Batgirl Polybag makes it, as it does appear to be another different figure to the one that appears in regular sets and different to the one that appears in the LEGO Dimensions ‘Play the LEGO Batman Movie’ Pack .

So, What do we have to look forward to?

That’s a funny looking minifigure…

JB Hifi have announced that they will have, somewhat erroneously, an exclusive minifigure with all formats including DVD, Blu Ray, 3D, 4K and Ultraviolet!  Erroneously, because they then go on to list the bonus minifigure as being the polybag: 30524: The Mini Batwing.

At least, even though it is not an exclusive minifigure, it is a poly bag, which rarely arrives in Australia out side this kind of promotional exercise.

IMG_6631The Rambling brick came across this polybag recently, and I thought I’d open it up and put it together: it’s a neat polybag, currently selling for $AUD5-15 on the secondary market. It contains 80 parts, none of which are unique to this set.  The closest things to rare elements are the black (what else…) NEXO shield ( LEGO Element ID: 6128992); as well as the left and right 2×2, 27º wing plates (6141544 and 6141466 respectively) each of which only appear in 20 sets to date. Instructions can be downloaded here.

So, given the price of the DVD is $AUD25 give or take a couple of cents, is it worth the effort to chase down?  It’s certainly not full of impossible to get elements, although interestingly, no Australian Bricklink Store lists all 31 different elements.  Parted out, the elements can be sourced for around $5-6, plus international postage.

Does this represent Value For Money?  The LEGO®Batman™Movie can be preordered from iTunes for $19.99 Standard Definition or $24.99for High Definition.  This pricing is consistent with the polybag adding approximately $AUD5 value to justify the JB price for DVD, or Bluray ($29.98).  This is of course the pricing at release, and given time, I’m sure both will be discounted!

So, is it worthwhile?

If you are collecting intact polybags, nothing will deter you from wanting this set!

If you are impatient, you probably downloaded it through pathways of dubious legitimacy, in part as a way to tell Village Roadshow just what you thought of the 6 week delay before releasing the movie in Australia, compared with the rest of the world (some other countries were worse off than us, including New Zealand…).

If you are wondering whether to bother with the set Stay Tuned:

A quick Polybag Review: 30524


One Single Element escaped the knolling process. Do you know what it was?

I picked this polybag up while shopping in Billund recently.  As you can see, the majority of elements are plates, tiles, with a few curved slopes, light sabre handles, cones and hinges thrown in for good measure.  Black is the dominant colour, followed by trans yellow, light grey, dark grey, red and finally white.  The instruction sheet is simple enough to follow, with call outs for the ‘head’ and each wing.



It is constructed in a modular fashion: fuselage, cockpit and each wing, and they fit together nicely. there are only a couple of small pieces left over after building the set. There are a few SNOT techniques in the fuselage and the cockpit is put together around a central Motor 1x2x2/3 (Element ID4211502).  The cockpit fits over a bar attached to a modified plate:IMG_6642

70916: A veritable bohemoth.

The final result has a wingspan of approximately 22 studs wide, and is 11 studs long.  the wings are hinged, folding down towards the bottom of the craft. The craft is extremely swooshable, and mimics the shape of the larger model 70916 quite nicely.  While 70916 would have been nice to take home, I could not have made it fit into my already overloaded luggage!

The completed Mini Batwing.

I like this set: it is detailed and has a reasonable part count. It fits a silhouette in my collection with out breaking the bank or overloading the luggage. I give it 4 out of 5 Arbtrary Praise Units.  I don’t feel compelled to chase this particular deal down to purchase The LEGO® Batman™ Movie. But that is because I already have the set! I’ll see if the polybagged Batgirl shows up in the next week or two and see where I go from there. It also saves me from any compulsion to buy the larger Batwing set, consistent with my previously stated aims.


What about you? Will you chase this set down? Will you look out for other deals with the movie? Do you wish you could get the lunchbox (with removable cape…) in Australia, or wherever you are?  Leave your comments below.


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