LEGO® Packaging Survey

Every so often, the Rambling Brick, along with other LEGO® Blogs and Recognised LEGO® User Groups are asked to distribute surveys to our members/readers from the LEGO® Group.

Today, we have a request from the Package Design Team.

Dear LEGO® user,
We are a team of packaging designers belonging to the LEGO® product development department. Our key mission is to design packaging that supports a strong LEGO® product experience. We are conducting this survey among RLUGs/RLFMs since we know that you (members and readers) have a great deal of experience with our products and packaging! To achieve our mission it is important for us to get an understanding of how you perceive the LEGO® packaging experience. Please help us by participating in a survey:
Please complete the survey before March 6, 2017.
Thank you in advance for your feedback – it is highly appreciated!
Kind regards,

The LEGO® Packaging Experience Design Team

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