71017 – Batman Collectable Minifigures: In order of appearance

Holy palindromic numbers, Batman!

The 71017 LEGO® Batman Minifigures have hit the shelves, bounced once, and just about left them!  Get them while you can, as they will only be available for a limited time.

All of the figures have full size legs, and many feature two tone legs.  Some of the accessories are completely new, original and a little bit hilarious. including the lobster, the plate with lettuce print, rubber duck floatation ring.  Others are fantastic recolorations (because we so needed a pink battering

There are some outright strange figures coming up in the LEGO Batman Movie, as seen in the series of collectable minifigures. And while many have not had a mainstream movie appearance, many have existed for quite some time.

Here are the figures in order of appearance (as best as I can determine…):

  • Commissioner James Gordon Detective Comics#27 May 1939final (4).png
  • Dick Grayson: Detective Comics#38 April 1940final (7).png
  • The Joker: Batman#1 June 1940final (9).png
  • The Red Hood: Detective Comics#168 February 1951final (10).png
  • Pink Batman (albeit without the wand, tutu and fairy wings) Detective Comics #241, March 1957final-15
  • Catman: Detective Comics #311 January 1963final (19).png
  • Zodiac Master: First Appearance Detective comics #323 – 1963final-3
  • King Tut (William Omaha McElroy) : Batman TV Series ‘The Curse of Tut’ April 1966final (18).png
  • The Eraser : Batman#188 December 1966final-2
  • The Calculator: First Appearance Detective Comics #463 – September 1976final-6
  • The Mime: Batman #412 October 1987final (11).png
  • Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel): Batman the Animated Series, “Joker’s Favour”September 1992final-8
  • Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon: Batman Beyond, 1999final-5
  • Orca Batman#579 July 2000final (16).png
  • March Harriet (Hariet Pratt) Detective Comics#841 April 2008final (17).png
  • Caveman Batman: Batman: The return of Bruce Wayne #1, May 2010final-12
  • Lobster Lovin’ Batman: LEGO® Batman Movie Teaser Trailer #1 24/3/2016final
  • Summer Holiday Batman: LEGO® Batman Movie Comicon Trailer 23/7/2016 0:24final-1
  •  Glam Bat: LEGO® Batman Movie Comicon Trailer 23/7/2016 1:17final-13
  • Police Chief Barbara Gordon: Batman Beyond, 1999final-5

Yet to Appear: Batgirl , pretty in pink!final-14
What do you think?  Which is your favourite?

Did I miss the original appearances for Batgirl in pink, or Fairy Batman?

Let me know in the comments below.


Play Well!




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