Review: 70331 Ultimate Macy

This is one of the Nexo Knights ultimate figures. There are 101 pieces and it comes in a ‘hanging box’, with a tapered design.

 The ‘ultimate’ Nexo night series come with 3 shields that can be scanned by the Merlock 2.0 app to power up in the game.

I will not pretend to understand the Nexo Knights mythos or plot lines.

In this set we get Macy, a princess with a desire to prove herself strong in battle.

She is red, with dark red arms. Her torso is printed front and back,  and the design continues onto the legs.  She wears a trans  red mantle that gives her a great ‘space marine’ look.  This mantle has 2 x2 studs on the back, allowing for a brick built backpack, or as is seen here, attachment of a  heavy weapon.
Her helmet attaches to a trans red visor, and a dark red rubber plume.

She has a number of weapons including a mace containing 5 new 1 x 1 x 2/3 45°  quadruple convex slope. There are a number of pieces new to the Nexo knights line,  in keeping with the new angular shield design.  I am unsure whether or not I am a fan of this design. There are also some recolored pieces including the claw in trans flouro orange, as well as the chest lid in the same color.

The build itself is not revolutionary. There is a mixture of blue, dark blue, dark bluish grey and silver throughout the color scheme, with some trans flouro orange for good measure.

She also comes with a ‘spinning six shooter’ with plenty of spare trans red and green studs to fire.  This is the first time I have seen this shooter in the wild, and I am impressed by its range. It connects to her backback and has a support to ensure she doesn’t fall over.

Macy’s face has a look of ‘flippant determination’ on one side, and ‘a bit grumpy, I’ve been in a fight on the other’

I can see space marine army building happening on the AFOL market with this set, and look forward to seeing creative uses of the 45° shields and slopes

I won’t go out of my way to buy all of the ultimate Nexo Knight sets at $AU15 each, but this one is neat, and has some useful dark blue pieces including 2×4 wedge plates and 2×2 offset tiles.

I’ll give her a solid 3.5 studs out of 5 using a completely subjective rating scale.

So this is my first review… Feel free to comment. I do this for fun, not profit. Feel free to offer to change that for me…



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