Brick-Built Vibranium Necklace Launches for a Worthy Cause

Custom model company, Bricker Builds, have launched a brick-built Vibranium Necklace, with proceeds from sales going to the American Cancer Society. Designed by Lewis Meeny (@built_bricks), the model has 109 parts, including 7 custom chromed tooth elements, in its 109 parts, as well as a custom printed tile.

ATLANTA, November 14th, 2022 – Inspired by the release of the Black Panther sequel, Bricker Builds unveiled the latest in their life-size, brick-built comic book-inspired creations, the Vibranium Necklace. With its prominent display stand and premium accents, this fan-designed model pays homage to Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther to honor an unforgettable legacy in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe. This model is designed by fans and is not an official LEGO® product.

The model includes 264 brand-new, official LEGO® bricks, including 7 custom-painted brushed silver “tooth” elements and a custom-designed black panther printed tile at the center of the stand. Lewis Meeny (@built_bricks) carefully crafted this kit and used his previous experience designing Bricker Builds’ Saber Blades and Web Slinger Bust.

In honor of this release, all proceeds from this model will directly benefit The American Cancer Society, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to funding cancer research and improving the lives of cancer patients and their families. The American Cancer Society logo is being used with the Society’s permission.

Bricker Builds is a group of fan designers and artists teaming up to inspire your next life-size brick-built creation. Although we aren’t affiliated in any way with Disney, Marvel, or the LEGO® Group, we take pride in creating high-quality custom models and instructions for our fans worldwide! “Engage Your Imagination, Brick by Brick”

Bricker Builds have an impressive range of Custom Sets based on a variety of popular franchises: Super Heroes, Galaxies Far Away; Collectable Pocket Monsters and the Adventures of an Italian Plumber and his Ghost Hunting Sibling. Trademarks can be a problem…

You can reach the Bricker Builds Store Here. The Rambling Brick might receive a commission from sales made using this link.

The Vibranium Necklace replica can be found here. Priced at $49USD, it has 109 pieces, a custom printed tile as well as downloadable instructions.

Vibranium Necklace – Bricker Builds

  • Stand: Height: 5.2″ (131 mm) | Width: 5.4″ (136 mm) | Depth: 3.5″ (90 mm)
  •  Necklace: Radius: 4.5″ (114 mm) | Circumference: 28.3″ (718 mm)

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