Minifigures Series 23 Revealed after LEGO® CON Tease

After teasing 3 of the series 23 CMFs during LEGO Con, the full series has now been revealed on the LEGO CON landing page.

The series is set to roll out in September, and looks like it has a decidedly holiday and costume vibe season vibe to it.

As well as the Captain, Reindeer and Cardboard cosplay robot revealed last night we have an elf with gingerbread house under a snow-globe; a ‘true’ snowman (sorry Olaf), a new soldier – somewhat reminiscent of the nutcracker, and a young girl with a candy cane, fairy wings and tu-tu. The holidays are rounded out by the thanksgiving turkey costume!

Continuing the theme of food costumes is the popcorn guy, while the green dragon and grey wolf costumes look like recolours of previously released costumes (Wait: the wolf has teeth, the fox and raccoon do not!)

For myself, the favorite is the ‘Classic’ Yellow castle Knight – bearing the insignia first seen on 375 back in 1978. This figure seems to have very short articulated legs: Are they a new leg length, or just a grey version of the ‘midlength’ teen legs first seen in Harry Potter?

The yellow castle logo was most recently seen in series 22, on the coins held by the troubadour.

What do you think of this upcoming series? Leave your comments below, and until next time,

Play Well.

2 thoughts on “Minifigures Series 23 Revealed after LEGO® CON Tease

  1. Sadly, I thought many moons ago, when I first starting collecting CMF’s, that somewhere along the line LEGO would either run out of ideas or change the concept of CMF’s, & that I would get ‘trapped’ & end up buying sets just to keep my collection complete. Then LEGO dropped the number of Minifgures in a series & now, in IMHO, this next set is starting to get silly – sure there are one or two pieces that people will relate to various celebrations, Christmas, Thanksgiving, & there have been a lot of, ‘fancy dress’ minifigs in the past, but a whole series of them?

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