LEGO® CON REVEALS: LEGO Friends – New directions?

At LEGO CON, we had a visit from Friends designers, Fenella Charity, James May and Ellen Bowley. They discussed the way that this year, our familiar characters have been moving on to new adventures.

Having been working closely together for the last 10 years, our core group are going on individual adventures to explore their passions – like an internship. Each model features a core friend, as well as a mentor figure, and more.

Olivia has gone to the Space Academy

Andrea to the Theatre

Emma to Art School

Mia to Animal Rescue

Stephanie on a sailing adventure

**This is just wild speculation at this point.

After their Adventures/Internships, will the Friends return to Heartlake city? Fenella remained silent on this point, saying we would have to wait and see what happens next door.

The girls who were 8 years old when they LEGO Friends was introduced will now be finishing school, and maybe even thinking about going off on a gap year. It also explains why this year, a lot of the action around Heartlake city has involved new characters. There were some ominous hints that the current story might be coming to an end, but I hope also that we shall see some new stories come along in their place. It’s almost time for a new generation.

Or it might just be hinting at this year’s season finale…

What direction do you think LEGO Friends is currently taking? Share your thoughts below and until next time,

Play Well!

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