Series 19 Habitat Competition Winners Announced.

Over the last few weeks, builders around the world have been putting together habitats to suit minifigures from series 19, for our latest building challenge. Today…we have a winner!

We had a terrific response to our recent Minifigures habitat competition, with more than 30 entries, from about 20 builders. We had a judging panel look at the entries and nominate their top 5. We added up the scores, and found some winners: read on to see who they were!

First Place: @corvus_auriac

This double habitat vignette tells the story of a french ghost knight, Gustave D’Auriac. He always has lived in his abandoned castle but new owners have bought it and they are reforming a lot of parts, so Gustav crosses the mirrors of the castle to torment them everydays.

In the scene are featured the minifigure of the “Fright Knight” as Gustave and the “Shower Guy” as one of the owners.

There are a few little details in this habitat that really caught my eye, including the resident’s slippers beside the bath, and the statuettes

Second Place: Aiden K

“I really like the Galactic Bounty Hunter figure and just pictured him cruising around the back streets hunting bad guys on his hover bike – a bit like Judge Dredd meets Blade Runner.”

I love the look of the hover bike that the bounty hunter is riding on, and the environment certainly captures that back street feel. the little details on the walls – the poster, exposed electronics and the like, as well as the moody lighting really help help to capture the noir feel.

Third Place: Grace Y

Young Grace wanted somewhere for her beloved Rainbow Bear to stay. If only there had been a way to include a unicorn as well…

Congratulations to you all: there are minifigures on the way, as well as LEGO from the online store.

Fourth Place: we have a tie!

Fourth place was not far behind, and was intact a tie. Steve G and @myownlegocreations both delivered great creations using the Shower guy. In fact Steve G (@thebrickconsultant on instagram) delivered two other cool habitats to the competition, to say nothing of building a habitat for every figure that featured in the series. Since entries closed, he has started to post habitats for the first series Collectable minifigures. Only 25 more series to go?

@Myownlegocreations delivered two great habitats: one for the Shower Guy, and a study for the Jungle Explorer.

I admire the elegance of the bathroom design, and the collection of treasures gathered by the explorer.

And Many More!

Dinushi M (@dinushim on instagram) has made three habitats. The gardener was most popular of these with the judges. Since the contest closed, I have seen that she has continued to produce habitats for this series. Check out her feed to see what else she has come up with.

Sam L also brought some great habitats to the game: featuring the explorer, gardener and

Ben A contributed 3 terrific habitats, that went together to produce a share house, featuring the Pizza Guy, Game Champion and the Shower Guy.

Nathan F brought a habitat for the Pharaoh, while his sisters Alanis and Renee joined in with one for the mountain bike and gamer respectively.

Ben K produced a great entry in our Antman contest a last year. This time he has produced some great vignettes for the bounty hunter (Poor Benny!) and the Monkey King.

And what about the rest of the entries I received?

There are so many great ideas here. I love Elspeth’s use of the power blast as running water. I love the Idea of Janet Y’s gamer streaming Tetris. Meanwhile, what baby wouldn’t love @misiren’s

There is no doubt that the monkey king and the Game streamer were favourites for many entrants. I love the way different builders envisaged the streamers Game Room.

Indeed, some were quite concerned that the Monkey King should have a place to rest after a hard day’s shenanigans. Steve G’s son Obby also contributed a Rugby inspired habitat.

I would like to congratulate all of the builders who contributed to this competition: we have had entries from all over the world, from younger and older builders, and I am excited to see how people have been inspired to build for this series of minifigures. Some figures were definitely popular to build for: Shower Guy especially, with the Video Game Champion and Monkey King right up there.

There is no doubt that the competition is pretty tough, and judging it is even tougher. I am grateful to the panel of judges who have helped me out this time. We have some new judges to add to the field for next time. Who knows what next year might bring. Of course, it might not just be habitats. we could go in a completely different direction for our next contest.

I am also grateful to the AFOL Engagement team at the LEGO Group, for supplying the prizes for the contest, as well as a box of minifigures to review in the first place.

If you want to hear about our next building challenge, read about what I’ve been researching or excited by, don’t forget to follow the Rambling Brick – we are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you are happy to put up with my experiments on Pinterest – you can find me here.

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Until next time,

Play well.

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  1. Oh my goodness these are all so good!! You must have had a tough time choosing the winner!! I think that my favourite is Grace’s vignette and especially the rainbow!!

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