The Rambling Brick’s Adventure #19

Yesterday, I struggled to work out the nature of the the decoration that was unwrapped in yesterday’s Friend’s Advent Calendar, and an astute reader pointed out that his daughter felt it was a micro version of the 40139 Gingerbread House released in 2015. Having had that pointed out to me, I cannot unsee that version of the truth. So today, I thought I’d have a quick look at some of the gingerbread houses that have been produced as seasonal sets over the years.

According to Wikipedia, baking gingerbread was exclusively the domain of specialised gingerbread bakers, except at Easter and Christmas times, when anybody was allowed to bake it! Ginger bread houses became a popular construction in Germany during the early 1800s after the publication of the Brother’s Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel, where the witch’s candied house became the centrepiece of the story. Some food historians claim they were already popular at the time, and the the Brothers were writing about something they had regularly seen.

Here we see some of the smaller versions of the gingerbread house: the first from the LEGO Brand retail monthly building December 2014. The Gingerbread man in cardboard house, decorated with lego elements was a gift with purchase in 2016. And below we have yesterdays build from the Friends Advent Calendar.

This larger version of the Gingerbread house, from 2015 (set 40139) has appreciated significantly on the secondary market over the years. A gift with purchase from LEGO Brand retail in November 2015, it routinely changes hands for over $AUD70, with prices greater than $100 not unknown on eBay. Personally, I am torn. I have a copy at home, still mint in box: I am unlikely to sell it. I am unlikely to part it out. Should I build it for Christmas this year, or save it for the future? Leave you thoughts below. It is not for sale!

Keeping up with our friends.

Day 19: I hope it won’t be as cryptic as yesterday. Looking back, I see that door 18 featured a gingerbread man: we should have been led by that a little more! Today we have a bon-bon and some holly.

Lots of brown… and some green and red highlights…

At least there is little doubt today: obviously a hanging gingerbread man/woman/person/snack! I love the icing highlights around the head, hips and knees, as well as the use of SNOT brackets included in this build. It certainly reminds me of the gingerbread man collectable minifigure.

Only six nights sleep until Christmas. And probably a couple of casual dozes on the couch as well! Come back tomorrow and we shall see what we find behind door number 20. What do you think of today’s mini build? Why not comment below, and until next time,

Play Well!

2 thoughts on “The Rambling Brick’s Adventure #19

  1. Hi, my daughter and I were both chuffed to receive your reply last night and doubly thrilled to see we provided the inspiration for today’s article! Keep the great articles coming!


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