Ninjago Collectable Minifigs: 10 revealed

The LEGO Ninjago Facebook page tonight revealed the first 10 of 20 collectable mini figures, Blind bags, numbered 71019, to tie in with the LEGO Ninjago movie this September:

Volcano Garmadon
Master Wu

Spinjitzu Training Nya
Lloyd Garmadon
Sushi Chef
Jay Walker
Shark Army Great White
Shark Army General #1
Gong and Guitar Rocker

I love the prospect of Lord Garmadon and Master Wu sitting down to enjoy breakfast!

Bowls, spoons, sushi,  a mobile phone, an orange scarf, a new briefcase, untidy hair, a new hoodie, a milkshake and a fire shooting fish! Combine those elements with these characters, and it would appear that the designers have had a great time putting this series together.

Well, that’s the first 10 minifigures: in a week where too much Ninjago is not nearly enough…apparently we will get the next 10 REAL SOON… or tomorrow…


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