Celebrating 90 Years of LEGO® Play

This year, the company celebrate 90 Years of Play and has a run of events and celebrations coming up over the next few months. The LEGO Group have released a collection of historical/archival images of the products that the company have released over the years, as well as members of the family. Over the next few days, I will trickle out a series of posts covering these images. In the meantime, we have a newly released timeline of key events in the company’s history.

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Families That Play More Are Happier, But Even Children They Are Too Busy For Fun And Games (2018 LEGO® Play Well Report)

Untitled 3The LEGO Foundation recently commissioned a cross cultural survey looking at attitudes and behaviours related to play.  Families in China, Denmark, France, Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States were surveyed during February and March 2018.  The resulting Play Well report was released today.

The report looks at four key areas: of the benefits of play for parents, children and families; preferences and barriers to play, the importance of lifelong learning through play and the role of play in developing skills for the future.

The report makes for interesting reading, and it is apparent that some of the common issues that we feel that we face in Australia such as increased programmed time with activities; dedication to digital based play, and the struggle experienced by families to spend quality time together are part of the global parenting experience.

If you wish to download the report, which also breaks down the responses by country, for further perusal, you can do so here. In the meantime, please enjoy this infographic summary of the report. Continue reading