LEGO x IKEA BYGGLEK: Q&A with the Designers, North American Pricing Revealed

When Adult LEGO Fans first heard about the collaboration between the LEGO Group and IKEA AG, there were hopes for an integrated LEGO Storage System: shelving, storage and display spaces. The response to the first views, after some escaped into the wild last month was mixed.

Ikea have just published a Question and Answer session with the head designers – IKEA’s Andreas Fredriksson and Rasmus Buch Løgstrup who lead the design from the LEGO Group’s side of things. They spoke about the process of the collaboration, and how they arrived at the final products. You can read it, and find the US/Canadian/Euro pricing after the break…

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IKEA x LEGO: Bygglek Officially Announced

We have been waiting for a little over two years for the official word on Bygglek: the collaboration between IKEA and the LEGO Group. A few weeks ago, we saw some of the first images of the result, when some stock was prematurely put on the shelves in Germany.

Today, we can build on that news – BYGGLEK will consist of a series of storage boxes, which are covered in studs, allowing them to become enmeshed in a child’s LEGO play, as well as a special LEGO Set. While this is probably to the grand unified theory of infinite element storage that many AFOLs were hoping for in this partnership, I suspect that many children will enjoy using the boxes in a way that will allow them to put a pause on play, and to rapidly pack their parts away, and bringing them out again with as much ease.

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Ikea x LEGO® 2020: Bygglek spotted in the wild

June has been and gone, and for the first time in several years, we have had no news of Bygglek. The collaboration between the LEGO Group and IKEA was first announced at the IKEA Democratic Design Days in 2018, we received more idea of what to expect, last year. Essentially billed as a storage system, allowing children to put a pause on play, while getting their bricks tidied up quickly – which is sure to help please their parents. The trick is then to make it as easy to ‘press go,’ and start playing again, faster than switching on the iPad, and getting it connected to the WiFi. (Read on for more)

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