LEGO DREAMZzz Has Arrived In Australia: I love living in the future

LEGO DREAMZzz has dropped on Amazon Prime and Netflix in Australia. YouTube will wait until the 16th in Australia, while we wait for the rest of the world to catch up.

I’ve watched the first 2 episodes, and I have to admit, it’s quite watchable. With a story set in a relatively relatable environment for kids (a normal school at a normal city- some of the time, anyway). The pacing is quick and witty, and not nearly as loud or frenetic as Monkie Kid. The writing does a good job of communicating the core story points, introducing the Kids and establishing their interests and relationships pretty quickly.

We have met most of the core characters

By the end of episode 2, things are starting to get going, and the sequences set in the dream world are a colourful delight; the Grimspawn, Nightmare King’s minions, are hilarious, and the dialogue is suitably amusing, without coming across as inane.

I had been hoping to get some reviews of upcoming releases written soon, but I can’t help but feel somewhat distracted.

Point of interest: By the end of the second episode, we have seen aspects from 6 of the 11 sets that make part of the August release. You can see our list and images here There is no doubt that the first wave of sets tie in with the early episodes, and a couple of others have been telegraphed-

As a parent of adult children, I generally watch my LEGO related animated series alone. So far, Dreamzzz feels sufficiently engaging that I am inclined to watch more, if only to see where the story goes, and how situations develop.

I recommend giving it a look when it comes available.

The first 10 episodes are dropping this week on YouTube(generalised to allow for time zones) and another 10 will follow in August. In Australia, they are also available on Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming services.

Will you be watching LEGO DREAMZzz? Or just following the sets? Why not leave your comments below and until next time…

Play well!

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