71037: Series 24 Minifigures Revealed

It feels like just yesterday that we were getting our first look at Series 23, but I am excited to see the contents of Series 24 – due for release on the 1st January 2023. This set of 12 Minifigures feels like the fan-favourite set that could have been a pinnacle of the 90 Years of Play. You may have seen a leaked checklist circulating on social media, but the high-resolution renders of these characters have me feeling excited about a whole series in ways I have not felt for a couple of years.

As for Pricing: USD $4.99; CAD 5.99; £3.49;Germany: €3.99 AUD: to follow

It would appear that we have 36 figures per bag, with a new purple/pink combination to be seen in the packaging.

Football Referee

Red card? Yellow Card? There is so much to love here, along with a soccer ball (just perfect for a great ball contraption. The mountain logo printed on the side of her boots has appeared on a few ‘active/sporting wear clothes over the years now. I love the details of the shorts/legs/boots, as well as the arm printing. It has been a long time since I have seen a wristwatch on any Minifigure. The whistle and pen cap off the detail.

Robot Warrior

Another beautifully designed robot, who could just as easily be an armoured humanoid figure, this robot will certainly change the direction of your day: the combination of sand green, lime, bright purple and cool yellow helps it to hide amongst Monkie Kid or Blacktron elements. It looks like we had printed arms, as well as dual moulded legs. Indeed, this colour scheme could be the palette behind a new space faction. And if there is nothing to shoot, it can always go roller skating!

Brown Astronaut and Spacebaby

The colour you didn’t realise you were missing, along with baby Bennie! New Classic Space Torsos are always welcome. I love the ‘Classic Style artwork on the baby monitor.

Carrot Mascot

What Do We Want? Fresh Produce! When Do We Want It? NOW!!

It wouldn’t be a Collectable Minifigure series without one character dressed as food included. This time, it is a carrot-suited fellow, with a sign pointing towards the Farmers Market. Of course, it could just as easily fit in with a Lost in Space Vignette, from the Great Vegetable Rebellion (S3E23) along the way.


A Black Falcon, who is a falconer, with a black falcon. This is a great variation on the reimagined Black Falcon Torso that has been around for a few years now, with the cape providing scope for a lord of the faction as well. The falcon is an especially welcome touch here.

T-Rex Costume Fan

I wonder if this guy is hanging out in Jurassic World, waiting to Break Our with every other T-Rex in the franchise, or just getting ready to show people where to go to get some King sized treats – here is the obligatory animal mascot for the series.


It’s been a couple of years now since we have had some proper orcs available – now they are back, in swamp green: this will be great for the army builders, with the shield paying homage to that used by the orcs in the Fantasy era of LEGO Castle sets. This design features a new jaw element, incorporating the ears for the Orc, making for a suitably menacing creature.


Legally not Robert Irwin, this blonde-haired larrikin lad features a double-sided face print, as well as a cap featuring the LEGO City Animal Rescue Team logo. Now they have gone under, and we finally have a Minifigure scale koala, clinging to a branch. The koala element will make this figure extremely popular. Note that the conservationist’s legs have cargo shorts printed on them, and have dual moulded boots.


The Great British Pottery throwdown has a lot to answer for in our house, and this character really fits the mould, with a small brick built pottery wheel, as well as a towel wrapped around her hair to keep it clean. The dark orange goblet and bowl look just right, while the potter’s hands are covered it in clay too.

Rococo Aristocrat

I’m not entirely sure that the chihuahua was a recognised dog breed in the courts of 17th century Europe. I was half expecting this aristocrat with the powered face, and powdered wig to be holding a piece of cake whilst wondering why the peasants were revolting. Bringing back the puffy skirt element last seen with the majestic queen in series 15, I can almost here the obligatory harpsichord playing in the background.

Rockin’ Horse Rider

At first glance, It might be an ordinary girl, with short legs, pigtails and and a common enough smile, but look at that unicorn print on her torso, and the whole rocking horse element: that is truly spectacular, and will come to occupy MOCs of children’s bedrooms for years to come.

Newspaper Kid

Extra, Extra, Read all about it! This kid looks like he belongs on downtown Modular Street at rush hour, selling papers to anyone who wants one.

A note for the young people: before the internet and Twitter, we often got our daily news from a booklet made of cheap printed paper. Sometimes important words were written along the top of the page. These papers were traditionally delivered by boys looking to put some money aside for gobstoppers and comics, and sometimes they would sell them from the street corner. As some people would try to steal the papers, paper boys were frequently armed with a slingshot as a way to gain the attention of a passing policeman.

Well, there you have it. This is another strong collection of in-house designs. There are characters for just about any builder: Historical or future; Castle or Space; City or Modular Town; Food lovers, Animal lovers and even Sports Lovers! The figures will once again be packed in foil envelopes – allowing bag feeling for hand-held identifications with a transition to cardboard due around September 2023.

I’d love to know what you think of these figures: Who Is your Favorite? why not leave your comments below and until next time… Play Well!

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  1. Series 24 already!!! At least January is still several weeks away…. Again we have a few, ‘Fancy Dress’ minifigs, but quite a few good ones to use in MOCS. I’ve already earmarked the Falconer & the Orc for the Castle, Astronaut, Carrot guy & T-Rex for the annual, ‘Fancy Dress’ Parade, Newspaper Kid & Rocking Horse kid for the street/town MOC & several of the ‘Musketeer’ CMF’s are going to look great with the ‘Marie Antoinette’ look alike – lol. Another great review, keep up the good work.

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