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Last September, it was revealed that @hackiruko42’s Insect submission to LEGO® Ideas was going to be progressing to the development stage. Today, we can present the final set, due for release on September 4 2023. With 1111 pieces, the set brings us a Morpho Buttfly, Chinese Mantis and Hercules Beetle. The set will cost $USD79.99/ €79.99/ £69.99 / $AUD124.99 / 33990.0 HUF / 2033.9 TRY /$CAD99.99. The three models within each set each come with a separate manual, to allow you to build with friends.

The Blue Morpho Butterfly and Honey bee component measures 18x19x11.5 cm; the Hercules Beetle measures 14.5×15.5×11.5 cm, and the Chinese Mantis with the seven spotted Butterfly measures 1x17x11.5cm. Hewe are the featured insects, along with their real world counterparts (images:

The Blue Morpho Butterfly and Honey bee component measures 18x19x11.5 cm; the Hercules Beetle measures 14.5×15.5×11.5 cm, and the Chinese Mantis with the seven spotted Butterfly measures 1x17x11.5cm. Hewe are the featured insects, along with their real world counterparts

(images: File. (2016, June 28). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Morpho_didius_Male_Dos_MHNT.jpg;Chinese mantis. (2023, June 11). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_mantis; Hercules beetle. (2023, August 13). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hercules_beetle)

These models, along with their display stands, are intricate and present beautiful examples of subjects not typically displayed in LEGO form in a positive light.

Along with the models in the collection, the LEGO Group is also unveiling a ‘Green Music’ album: a playlist complied and performed by foley artist Sanaa Kelley an experienced Foley/sound effects artist.

Here are the official words on the subject:

 The LEGO Group today unveils the LEGO® Ideas The Insect Collection, originally conceived by LEGO fan José Maria (@hackiroku24). To celebrate the launch, the LEGO Group has created Green Noise, a new nature-inspired ASMR playlist with LEGO clicks and sounds reimagined as the unique sounds of each insect using Foley techniques.

Created in partnership with award winning and Emmy-nominated Foley artist, Sanaa Kelley, an expert in creating sound effects out of everyday items, Sanaa has recreated each insect’s own unique sounds in nature using the iconic LEGO brick. Showcasing their beauty and shining a new light on insects around the world, the playlist is inspired by the three extraordinary insects from the new set: the Blue Morpho Butterfly, the Hercules Beetle and the Chinese Mantis. Each track is up to 45 minutes long and created entirely from the flutters, clicks and snaps of LEGO bricks and packaging from the new set alongside a variety of Foley techniques.

With the LEGO Play Well 2022 Report revealing nearly 3 in 5 adults (58%) are spending less than one hour a day relaxing, the playlist is designed to help listeners find a moment of zen in their day, making it the perfect audio accompaniment for LEGO building.  

The new LEGO Ideas The Insect Collection – the 50th product from the fan-sourced platform – includes each insect on a separate display based on aspects from their natural habitat.  The Blue Morpho butterfly sits on a branch in the South American Amazon Rainforest. Next to it lies a buildable flower with a honeybee hovering over it. Move across to Central America afterwards and build the longest beetle in the world, with the male Hercules beetle sitting atop a decaying log. Its wings can be removed, and the shell closed to allow two display options. Finally, perched on a thin branch from an Asian forest, a Chinese Mantis prays on a small seven-spotted ladybug hiding amongst brick flowers.

Talking about his inspiration for the design, José says: “I studied science and fine art and have always been fascinated with the intricate details of the natural world. Also, as a lifelong LEGO fan who has come up with a range of new set ideas before, I find inspiration for new builds through my hobbies, which include photography and nature.”

Talking about developing the set, Federico Begher, Head of LEGO Product Group comments: “When we saw José Maria’s brilliant design, we knew it would be an instant hit with our fans! The intricate design is testament to José’s impressive academic background, and passion for photography and nature. His excellent designs enabled our team of talented designers to really capture the essence of these remarkable creatures, from the colours to the structure and size. Every detail has been carefully crafted in LEGO bricks, resulting in a one-of-a-kind LEGO collection of three insects from around the world in one set. We are thrilled to share this magnificent build with the world and cannot wait to see the joy it brings to fans.” 

Taking fans on a journey behind the scenes, a new LEGO film captured at Sanaa’s California-based studios, Reel Foley Sound, shows how the Green Noise playlist was brought to life with the sounds of the LEGO bricks.

Foley artist Sanaa Kelley comments: “I’ve had the most enriching time working with the LEGO Group to create the Green Noise playlist. Our collaboration has felt like a full circle moment as a few years ago I embarked on a course to learn more about insects to debunk my fears and enhance my knowledge of the sounds they make! Now with the LEGO Group I have finally been able to put my studies into practice and bring to life the sounds of the Blue Morpho Butterfly, Hercules Beetles and Chinese Mantis using their corresponding LEGO bricks and packaging. This was a first at my studio and challenged me to be incredibly creative with my approach to Foley.”  

The LEGO Green Noise playlist can be streamed via LEGO.com/insects.

The LEGO® Ideas The Insects Collection will be available globally via LEGO Stores and at LEGO.com/insects from 4th September 2023 for LEGO VIPs and 7th September for all at the recommended retail price of $79.99 / €79.99 / £69.99.

I love the final form of the insects: they are all remarkably life-like, although the Chinese Mantis is probably my favourite at this time.

What do you think of the idea of the ASMR ‘insect sounds ‘playlist, designed to mimic the natural sounds of the insects? Is it the type of soundtrack you are likely to play while building or sorting your pieces? Will you be picking this set up when it becomes available? Why don’t you leave your comments below.

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Are you in Barcelona?There will be a chance to meet the Designer José Maria at the LEGO Store, Barcelona on September 9 2023 between 10 and 12. More Details Here

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