Slushy Van 60384 Hands-On Review/ Febrovery Creative Prompt

It’s been a couple of years since we have seen a food van in LEGO city: we had -Pizza in 2017; Ice cream in 2020 and now, in 2023 we are getting a Slushy Van. (There was also the highly disguised ice-cream van in 2022, but it was really a criminal front)

The set is aimed at builders aged 5 and up, has 193 and is priced at 32.99AUD/19.99USD/£17.99 and 24.99CAD. How does it shape up? (Special thanks to the LEGO Group for sending this set over for review. All opinions are my own.)

This set cones with 2 mini figures: one dressed as a penguin with a dark azure torso, and bright light purple arms, with the slushee logo on his chest His headgear is a recolour of that which was seen for the Penguin boy, back in the S16 minifigures. chest. We also have a child, picking up a frozen delight for the summer’s afternoon. She has her hair indouble buns, in dark brown.

We have 2 internal bags, and a small sticker sheet. The build is fairly simple, with colour blocking in dark and medium azure, white and black bringing a suitable polar feel to the build, while a band of magenta trim evokes the syrups used to flavour the shaved ice.

The roof of the cabin comes off easily enough, and we also have functional doors to allow ingress to the cabin, providing room for the staff, as well as a view of the 4 available flavours.

The roof is held on by a couple of studs, and features a round, enlarged slushy cup on the roof, allowing easy identification from the beach side. The lid on the roof ornament ( a 4×4 partial spere with knob!) has previously only appeared (in transparent clear) in the 2021 Hogwarts Icons set. It is nice to see it appearing in a relatively inexpensive set here.

One of my favourite play features of this set is the sliding window in front of the serving counter, featuring 2 plates with gliding grooves (seriously), with the sliding limited by a couple of clips with bars at either end.

The ‘back of the’ van opens, allowing placement of mini figures inside the server, as well as revealing details of the 4 fruity flavors on sale.

The front grill of the van has been made over to look like a penguin sliding along the ice, and adds to the charm of the set.

Overall, I really enjoyed this build. the simple, whimsical nature of the nature, as well its capacity for further inspiration both made this set (another) highlight of the the LEGO City range in 2023. I am happy to give it 4/5 Arbitrary Praise Units.

Febrovery/Inspiration: Slushy Van on Ice Planet 2002

After putting the van together, I found I was having just a little bit too much fun…

Overall, the colour scheme evokes memories of Ice Planet 2002, from 1993, minus the transparent neon orange. Fortunately, a windscreen in that colour was part of the Monkie Kid range a couple of years ago, and sitting on top of my current abandoned projects pile. Couple this with space fans celebrating Febrovery, a celebration of all things space and rover-y, I could not help but allow something like this to happen… [Imagine that Commander Cold has decided to retire from Oddysey base, and open up a franchised Slushy Van, feeding the inhabitants of Ice Planet. I opted to put a yeti face on the front, rather than another penguin, and managed to install a sliding window, although that might not be as perfectly executed as it could be.

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I’d love to know what you think of the LEGO City Slushy Van. Is it one to pick up, or just walk on by? Why not leave your comments below and until next time…

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