Monkie Kid Seasons 1-3 Now Available to Stream in Australia

Over the last few years, the LEGO® Monkie Kid theme has provided us with an imaginative, and somewhat colourful collection of sets, incorporating both fantasy and science fiction themes. However, the animated series has been available in only a patchy fashion in Australia, despite being the home of the animation studio.

The show has typically been tucked away on a Saturday morning on Channel 9, with episodes available to stream for a couple of weeks afterwards. Series one to three are now available to watch on streaming service BINGE. (At this time, limited to episode 11 of season 3.)

So, for the time being, at least, you can watch the series to gain some context for all of those crazy sets.

Monkey kid and Ninjago have, in my mind, become the spiritual homes of both space and castle themes, due to embracing stories steeped in fantasy and magic, while embracing a futuristic design for the vehicles.

The Monkey Kid Theme was originally intended as a China-only release, and as such sets have been increasingly difficult to purchase outside that market, except through the online store.

We are fortunate to have all available episodes of Monkie Kid available in Australia, as other western countries are still awaiting a first screening on Amazon Kids.

Binge also has the recently dropped Ninjago Crystallized season available (as does Netflix, in Australia), if you are looking to minimise your streaming subscriptions.

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