Time for a Little Light House Keeping. 21335 LEGO IDEAS Motorised Lighthouse Unveiled.

Last week, we saw the latest LEGO Ideas set, 21335 Motorised Lighthouse officially revealed. I appear to be posting this a little bit late. But its an impressive looking set, if quite expensive.

This 2065 piece set is 50cm high, with the base measuring 26cmx26 (32×32 studs). Due for release on September 1st, 2022, the set includes a Powered-up Batterybox and Motor, as well as LEGO lighting. It will be priced at 299.99USD, 299.99€, £264.99, 2299.0 DKK, 469.99 AUD, 35980.0 JPY, 499.99 NZD, 379.99 CAD

The model is impressively tall and looks like it includes a rotating unit with a new element, a Fresnel lens, to help generate a brighter beam of light.It would appear the the lens assembly rotates around the light source. Is this a dangerous precedent for a LEGO Ideas set? Previously, there were no new elements to be included in Ideas sets…then we got the fabric for the Flintstones car, and then new head molds in Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street. But this is the first time I think that we have seen some completely new elements created for the structure and functionality of an Ideas project.

Left: A frensel lens, affers a significant reduction in materials and weight when compared with the conventional lens/ on the right.ls

A fresnel lens is key to the nature of a lighthouse. It represents a series of concentric annular elements, which follows the curve of a regular lens; however being much thinner, the lens is able to save significant material compared to a conventional lens. The rotating lens is what gives a lighthouse its sweeping beam of light.

There are lots of other details included in the Lighthouse keeper’s cabin, as well as the lighthouse, while an underground cave reveals hidden treasure. And the power switch for the motor. In the meantime, the lighthouse keeper’s wife rows over with supplies.

The wild sea dashing against the rocky outcrop is represented by a dark blue baseplate.

The LEGO Group has revealed a bright new set – The LEGO® Ideas Motorized Lighthouse. The latest LEGO Ideas set is a fan-inspired design, towering in height at 50cm tall – and is a unique way to add a new display piece to your home as it comes complete with a motorized light. 

Full of details, the 2,065 piece set is designed authentically to mirror how a real lighthouse operates. It sits on its own island, with a staircase leading up to the lightkeeper’s cottage, plus two minifigures and their boat also add detail to the display.

The LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse is based on an idea shared by 20-year old, Canadian LEGO fan, Sandro Quattrini.  Sandro submitted his original concept on the LEGO Ideas platform, where it reached 10,000 votes from fellow LEGO fans.  The concept was then commissioned by the LEGO Group to be made into a real set.  

Sandro, who is currently studying animation, was inspired to design the lighthouse by a childhood trip. “My mother loves lighthouses, and she has been telling me to build one for years,” said Sandro talking about the design. “We once took a trip around the Gaspé Peninsula, a region of the province of Quebec, which is host to lighthouses of all shapes and sizes. We visited enormous stone lighthouses on rocky beaches and small, abandoned wooden lighthouses hidden behind the trees. I guess these structures have always been in some corner of my mind since that trip many years ago and for this project I wanted to capture that towering essence of tall lighthouses, while also keeping with their solitary nature.”

Talking about the design and why it was selected, Global Marketing Vice President, Federico Begher, said, “Sandro’s design really evokes the solitary role of the lighthouse and the motorized light adds a beautiful dimension to the set.  I love the attention to detail with the lightkeeper’s cottage and the boat.  It’s a really exciting and challenging build that creates a fantastic display piece.” 

The LEGO Ideas Motorized Lighthouse set is available from 1st September 2022 via LEGO Stores and www.lego.com/lighthouse at the  recommended retail price of $299.99 / €299.99£264.99, 2299.0 DKK, 469.99 AUD, 35980.0 JPY, 499.99 NZD, 379.99 CAD.

This is a gorgeous looking lighthouse: the round tower reminds me of the Saturn V Ideas set released in 2017. Turning square bricks into a round tube is no mean feat, and that set remains one of my all time favorite sets. This model incorporates the lighthouse keepers house, as well as a rocky outcrop – some landscaping – as well as a treasure cave and, of course, the rotating light beam. Could these things come together to make for a memorable experience? I have to admit, it looks like a gorgeous set, but at $AUD470 I will probably be waiting for a little while. At least I don’t feel that I would like to get too many other sets being released in September. Or will I?

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