Marvel Collectable Minfigures Revealed.

Today, the LEGO Group have revealed the forthcoming Marvel Collectable Minifigures range. Featuring figures from Marvel TV Series on Disney Plus – Wandavision, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and What If…. There are some characters here that might not feature in sets of their own, but which will certainly inspire creativity amongst builders. There will be 12 figures in the series, which will be released on 1st October 2021. Read on for full-size images and my thoughts.


Wanda Maximoff as the Scarlett Witch: Wanda appears in the final costume that she appears in , in the series. We see red power blasts for the first time, and her headband is integrated with the hairpiece. Arms are dual molded, providing her with dark red gloves!

Monica Rambeau featuring SWORD decoration on her torso, this figure has a new hair piece. There is also a small buildable helicopter. This hairpiece looks great, as does the print on the torso. I like the high waisted belt , printed on the torso, as well as the printing extending from the torso to the sleeves.

The Vision – in his reconstructed, white form. It can be hard to get details printed in white in a white figure, so printing in white and gold on a light grey figure works. The legs are dual molded, and feature front and side printing. It looks like there is a hint of printing on the back of the head, and arm printing is always appreciated.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Sam Wilson as Captain America – Complete with wings, and a new hair piece. I love the way these wings attach and extend, The printing is fantastic. There is also a 2×2 trangular tile shown in some images ( and revealed by the graphic designer Mark Tranter, at the RLFM days earlier in the year. Again, great torso, arm leg, and side of leg detail.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier comes with the Captain America shield, as well as a knife. I love the new vibration arm print, as well as the whole torso print, which lines up with the print on the front of the legs..


Variant Loki, with Throg. Because we need Throg! He may have only appeared on screen for a second, in a jar, but he looks hilarious. I love the Coffee Cup and TVA uniform that Loki is sporting. It is relatively plain with no arm or side of leg printing.

Lady Loki/Sylvie with Croci. I love the fact that there is a new small crocodile mold. Sylvie’s arm printing/dual molding is gorgeous, although her legs appear rather plain. Her headband, incorporated with the hair element makes me wonder why something similar was not done for Bo Katan in the recent Star Wars set.

What If…

And then we see a variety of characters from the yet to be released ‘What If’ Series, including:

Captain Carter: again, great alround printing, and opalescent effect plates to use as a tesseract. Her hair mold calls back to the 1940’s in a wonderful way, and will certainly have potential outside this range.

Gamora with the Blade of Thanos. Again, awesome printing, and a bronze or warm gold lightsaber handle. The arms appear to be dual molded, as well as featuring detailed printing. Purple highlights in the hair cannot be overlooked!

T’Challa as Star Lord. I’m unsure as to whether this is a new hair mold or face print, but the beard is nicely styled, and the purple jacket is so cool. Again, we have dual molded legs with side printing.

Zombie Hunter Spidey features more detailed printing than most figures we have seen in recent years including dual molded boots, side printing and arm prints. He also has an undisguised head. I can only presume that with a name like that he is hunting our next figure…

Zombie Captain America. Wow! I thought this might be too gruesome to depict in LEGO Form. The leg printing looks great, as do the torso and legs. The shield and helmet look like they have seen better days, both printed up with a fair bit of battle damage.


I was given a sneak peak at the designs for the figures from Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki at the Fan Media days, and the way they have translated to minifigure form is fantastic. I am delighted to see the diversity amongst the figures, with a number of new hair pieces and face prints suitable for depicting people of colour.

The overall level of detail in these characters is unexpected, and you can tell that the team have had a lot of fun trying to get as much detail as possible into each figure.

Are there characters that I might have preferred to see included? Perhaps Agnes from Wandavision and a generic hunter from Loki (perhaps with a Miss Minute accessory). But at what cost? That’s a tough one.

The figures go on sale in October, and will cost $AUD5.99- $USD/CAN 4.99-£3.49-€3.99

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