LEGO House @ Home: Masterpiece Gallery Interviews.

The LEGO House, in Billund, has been closed to the public for several months due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Unfortunately, it will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

The team at the LEGO House have also been working to bring some of the atmosphere You might have seen some of the material on the LEGO House social channels, for their program ‘LEGO House @ Home’ – containing tips and tricks for families building together. You can find some of the content on their YouTube channel here.

Today, we receive notice of some activity initiated by the LEGO House, specifically for AFOLs Interviews with designers whose work is featured in the Masterpiece Gallery:

The Masterpiece Gallery is dedicated to exhibit LEGO masterpieces built by AFOLs from around the world. We have initiated making virtual interviews with all the builders to let them introduce their models and the thinking behind them.

The idea is to regularly upload new interviews at the LEGO House Youtube Channel:

The first interview went live today – here you get a peak behind the scenes of the amazing microscale LEGO city built by Caroline, also known as @Caz Mockett.”

I do enjoy getting insights into the thoughts of designers, as well as an insight into the way that MOCs make their way into the LEGO House.

If you are the right parts of the world, some of the LEGO House exclusive sets: 41037 LEGO House, 4000026 Tree of Creativity and 40366 Dinosaurs being available throughout the LEGO Online store. Unfortunately, this has been restricted to limited European markets – with only the LEGO House being available outside Denmark and the UK. However, even that has rapidly gone onto backorder.

That’s all for now: if you are looking for an extra something to do with your family in isolation, the LEGO House @ home has a few activities to keep everyone amused! I look forward to seeing this content added to, and I hope to see more interviews with designers in the Masterpiece Gallery soon. The team at the LEGO House are hoping that they will be able to open during the summer holidays. At this stage however, nothing is certain.

Until next time…

Play Well.

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