Hero Habitat Contest: Winners Announced

Back in March, following on from the release of the DC Superheroes Collectable Minifigures, the Rambling Brick called on readers to build a minifigure habitat for a hero. Based on an 8x8x8 standard, the brief was to build a habitat for a hero, recognising that not all heroes have capes.

The contest also coincided with parts of the world going into relative lockdown, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we had a fantastic response, receiving over 50 entries from around the world.

A group of judges, including prizewinners from previous Ramblingbrick competitions all offered votes on their favorite five habitats. It did not take long before it became apparent that in the judges eyes, several habitats were real standouts.

Rather than offering first, second and third prizes, the top three habitats, as determined by the panel’s vote, are offered a prize pack of equivalent value.

So, Who Won?

Here ( in no particular order) are the top three habitats.

Robin knows that the Pandemic isn’t his fight, so he is making protective masks for the healthcare workers
Bursting in through the broken window, to rescue the baby, this detailed habitat from JoshuaE caught the judges’ eyes. Check out the detail in the wall.
@eloco1104 submitted a couple of great habitats on Instagram, including this one of Spider-Man trying to get away from the train.

Out winners have their choice of one of the following prize packs, courtesy of the LEGO AFOL Engagement team.

What Else Did We See?

We saw a wide variety of subject matter: we saw many everyday people doing their bit in the fight against COVID-19, be it preparing meals for frontline workers, selling groceries, cleaning workplaces while others were staying at home, investigating vaccines and running tests on patient’s swabs.

We saw superheroes just doing their thing, in the every day, as well as taking on their traditional rogues.

And we saw people who might be considered as heroes everyday. Or just being a Disney princess…

Between families staying it home, the emergency services front line workers, people working in grocers and supermarkets, the artists creating things for us to look at while in isolation, and the families stying at home together, everyone has been a hero to someone else at some time during the pandemic.

I would like to thank all of our entrants for taking the time to build and share their habitats, as well as the judges for their time. I hope to be able to run another competition a little later in the year – time shall tell.

What did you think? Why not leave Your thoughts, or a congratulatory note for our winners, in the comments below.

In the meantime, keep building, keep safe, and until next time,

Play Well!

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