Rollout of Further Australian LEGO Certified Stores Confirmed

Alceon, owner of the Flagship certified store at Bondi Junction has today announced the opening of a second Sydney store, as well as New Zealand’s first LEGO Certified Store in Auckland, in the next few months. The new Sydney store will be in the Broadway Shopping Centre, Glebe.

It would appear that we can also expect stores to appear in Victoria and Queensland this year, with South Australia and West Australia following in 2020.

While no specific dates have been announced, it looks like we can look forward to have the ‘LEGO retail’ experience, on the eastern sea board, in time for Christmas.

However, I am left wondering about the implications of these stores rolling out for the availability of large sets (Technic, ideas and Creator Expert) through both major retailers such as Myer and David Jones, as well as smaller independent stores, who make their primary business from selling LEGO sets. The larger stores will, from time to time, discount these sets by up to 20%, something rarely seen in LEGO brand retail, or certified stores, overseas.

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ALCEON GROUP ANNOUNCES ROLLOUT OF LEGO® CERTIFIED STORESAlceon Group today announced a rollout of new LEGO® Certified Stores, including the confirmation of a new store to open in Broadway Sydney in late 2019.

Commenting Richard Facioni, Executive Director, Alceon Group, said: “Our first LEGO Certified Store in Bondi Junction has captured the imagination of all generations. We now look forward to extending the footprint of this world-class retail concept.

“Following the opening of our next store in Broadway Sydney, we will be opening additional Australian LEGO Certified Stores in the coming months in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, with South Australia and Western Australia to follow in the New Year.”

The new LEGO Certified Store at Broadway Sydney has secured prime positioning on Level 2 within one of Australia’s highest performing shopping centres. The store will feature exclusive, customised design elements and brick-built symbols.

Today’s announcement follows Alceon’s confirmation of New Zealand’s first LEGO Certified Store in Auckland that will also open later this year.

Mr Facioni continues: “The introduction of further LEGO Certified Stores in key locations will accelerate the reach of this leading global retail concept, as we build on the excitement and emotion intrinsic to the iconic LEGO brand.”

In March 2019 Alceon, a leading Australian investment firm with significant investments in the retail sector, unveiled Sydney’s first LEGO Certified Store at Westfield Bondi Junction as part of a new partnership with The LEGO Group, with Alceon acquiring rights to open new LEGO Certified Stores across Australia and New Zealand

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