The Rambling Brick’s Advent-ure 2018 #3

As we continue along our journey through LEGO Winter Holiday Celebratory Sets (It is the 20th Anniversary of LEGO Advent Calendars), we look to an annual seasonal range that has become part of many a LEGO Fan’s run up to the Christmas period. Typically released around the start of November, the Winter Village Set has become an annual highlight of the LEGO release cycle. This series takes a trip back in time, before the domination of television or personal electronics for your entertainment: children riding sleds, carollers singing in the town square, Christmas trees for sale and frozen ponds become impromptu skating rinks. It feels like the world of the Rankin-Bass stop motion Christmas television specials of the 1960’s and 70’s.

Debuting in 2009, we have gradually built up the village. Starting with the Toy Shop (10199), we have added the Bakery(10216), post office10222, market place 10235 and most recently the fire station, amongst others.

The buildings in this series feature detailed doll’s house style interiors, often with a light brick powered fireplace.

The line has not been without controversy: In its sixth year, we moved to the North Pole, building Santa’s Workshop (10245). A slight reboot for the line, changing location after five years? This set was well received.

However, in 2015 the village took a direction which was notappreciated by a fan base craving a new pre-Christmas treat: a reissue of the Winter Village Toyshop (10249)A highlight of these or the original Toy shop was the giant Christmas tree, and as this set was now long retired, the reissue allowed late adopters the chance to have the tree as a feature for their village square.

The 2016 saw the release of a holiday train, great for adding some colour and movement to the village, and 2017 saw a return to the traditional village location.

In 2009, the range was incorporated into the Creator Expert line, although you could certainly argue that many of these sets are relatively simple on their construction, in comparison to, for example, the major landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, or the annual modular buildings.

Let the Winter Village’s Light Shine.

For myself, I remain amazed that we see a new design for the lamp posts in every set, with no two being quite identical.  I presented an overview of these designs last year, while looking at the Christmas Build up set.

There is no doubt the the Winter village has inspired many great layouts at exhibitions, as well as MOCs, setting out to fill the gaps in the village range. Of course, the Winter Village is not just limited to these sets, but also features in some smaller, Gift With Purchase sets… but that’s another story!

Who knows where this range will head next. Would you rather rather see previous designs rereleased or completely reimagined? Why not leave your comments below, after we check out this year’s Friend’s advent calendar

Today’s  elements consist primarily of Bright yellowish orange circular elements: 2×2 plates, 2×2 dome and 3×3 radar dishes.  we also have one of the new for 2018 flowers and leaves, ready to be put together. 

And it comes together to form a couple of bells.  I really like this little build, and look forward to hanging it from my tree, once I set it up.

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