AntMan Building Contest Winners Announced


Recently, the Rambling Brick held a contest to win The Ant-Man and the Wasp set, Quantum Realm Explorers.

The Brief was to build a MOC that would exploit AntMan’s ability to shrink or grow –  so either build a microscale model, where a Minifigure could look like a giant, or one where the minifigure represented a shrunken AntMan.  There is a prize of 76109 Quantum Realm Explorers for the winners in each category. Entrants were required to use a minifigure, but it was not necessary to use an actual AntMan Minifigure in entries.

Entries were open for roughly six weeks, and were accepted from around the world. A panel of judges was assembled from my network – a mixture of builders and community supporters.  They were asked to nominate their three favourite MOCs in each category.  (Three points for 1st; One point for 3rd). The builders of the MOCs were not identified to the judges at the time of judging.

Without further ado – here are the entries.

Microscale/Giant Man MOCs

We received Three Entries in this category:

Giant Man, With Ferry (and a stalker…) – by Ollie
Riding a truck downtown, by Jason Cichon

And the winner of this category:

Giant Man, with Modular buildings and Inter-city passenger train by Magnus Hindsberger.

One of the things I loved about these entries was the approach taken to customising an AntMan minifigure.

Magnus made great use of the new Unikitty collectible figure bases as a cloud, and you can clearly recognise the buildings represented here: Cafe Corner 10182, GreenGrocer 10185 and the Town hall 10224 , as well as the classic 12V Train 7740.

Congratulations Magnus!

AntMan Category:

With Antman, or a minifigure depicted as the size of …well something very small, this was the preferred category to enter.

We had several entríes from El Davo, and his family. I was delighted to see Ant Man’s desk from Miranda(age 9) and AntMan’s buggy from Elijah (age 6). As for the 8th dwarf… who’d have thought?

A few interesting entries from Instagram: Who would have thought of building a paper boat out of LEGO?

This virtual build of a crushing foot was submitted by Ollie.

How good is this flower by Phil?  I love the bee, especially the technique used to build the wings.

Phil Menzies submitted this great garden shot, with a large flower, and giant bee.

AntMan needs a way to defend himself against accidental  getting trodden on, and this model by @dinosaurtales is a great example of multiple scales in use to convey a message.

Always carry a drawing pin for self defence: a very clever build by Like Saurus.  It left me asking… “What is the part number for those shoelaces?”

Magnus’s Mousetrap features a brilliant mousetrap using the worm gear as a spring.  The European power point is the icing on the cake for me.


The Mouse Trap, by Magnus Hindsberger

Demarcation Media’s Sandisk Cruzer thumb drive is a great model of a device many of us had around the house.  Slightly larger than actual size, it really shrinks the minifigure down.

SanDisk Cruzer by Demarcation Media

@frostbricks entry reminds me of his Food Stand Diners, currently gaining support on LEGO Ideas.  You should have a look and support them! That burger makes me feel so hungry!

What is this? Dinner For Ants, by @frostbricks

I found myself worried for AntMan as the plug was pulled on the bathroom sink! There is so much to love about this model: the textured water, the toothbrushes, the hand pulling out the plug.

Down the Drain by Joe Lam

Lee Chi Wing’s Revenge on Thomas is a reference to the first AntMan film where Thomas The Tank Engine is enlarged during the final battle with Yellow Jacket (sorry… spoiler).  He he has returned to normal size, and we have a variety of tools ready to pull him apart if things get out of hand again.  I love the tape measure

Revenge on Thomas, by Lee Chi Wing

And the Winner is…

“Squished”, by Ben Knights: If you are a super small human, then other humans wearing big boots in the mud might not look out for you! I love the way Ben achieved the shape of the boot, and the grooves in the sole. His choice of minifigure expression also captured the imagination of the judges.  The mixture of grey tones used might have not been intentional, BUT it gives a great feeling of the uneven colour of dirt or mud on the ground.

Congratulation Ben.

Squish!  by Ben Knights

Congratulations to Ben and Magnus: 76109: Quantum Realm Explorers is on the way!

Thanks to all of the contestants who took the time to build a MOC and submit it for judging.  I hope you all enjoyed the challenge of the brief.  While there are only two main prizes, there will be a little something coming to you in the mail, so I will be getting in touch for a mailing address soon.

I would like to thank the judges for their deliberations. I appreciate their willingness to step up, and help out.

I hope to have another competition coming up in the next few months, so keep your eyes open. Why not follow the blog (or follow the Rambling Brick on Facebook)  I would encourage anyone to enter, regardless of your previous experience: it is only by practice that you can develop as a designer/storyteller and builder. Until Next Time…

Play Well!

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