Sorting My Collection Continues: I’ll just Leaf These Here.

Pardon the pun: As regular readers will know, I have been working on sorting my collection of LEGO Elements.  This evening I reached my ‘foliage box.’ I thought I would quickly share some of my ‘leafy’ elements.


I’m excited because, through natural accumulation, I have managed to accrue all known colours of Design ID 2417, the 5×6 foliage element. Skip past the break to see them.

All currently available colours of design ID 2417: Limb Element 5×6.  White, Bright Reddish Violet, Bright Green, Green, Earth Green, Medium Lilac, Dark Orange and New Dark Red.  Finally I have a complete collection of one element in all its colours!

I suspect this is the only part I own in all available colours. This post may have been inspired by the recent Colour exposition over on New Elementary.

Play Well!

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