Is this your TYPE of contest?

LEGO DNAThis year, we have seen an influx of new tile designs, especially curves and angles. Out friends over at New Elementary are running a contest to design the phrase “LEGO DNA” with a font made of tiles, including at least one of the new elements.  Up for grabs is a collection of the new tiles – 250 of them.  Digital entries are encouraged.Unew tilesse whatever colour you wish.  Here are samples of the new tiles:  Element/design IDs can be found on on the competition page here. So, put on your designing caps and see what you can come up with.
Entries close at the end of May.

In the mean time, the Rebrick mini modular design competition is coming to an end over at LEGO® ReBrick, with entries due on the 12th of may (check the link for the exact time for submission closure). Have you got your entry in: all the modular sets produced to date are up for grabs.

Have fun!

Play well!

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