Time for Fresh Ideas

tn_OWLqAhan_png.pngThis morning, it was announced that LEGO® Ideas will no longer be accepting submissions based on third party licenses that are active in the LEGO® Group’s portfolio.  These include Star Wars, Marvel and DC Super Heroes, Disney Princesses, BMW
, Bugatti and many more, including licenses from previous Ideas sets and LEGO® Dimensions. The full list of current licences can be found here.  If the licences retired, it becomes open for use, unless it was active through LEGO Ideas.

Existing submissions, based on these licences will be retained at this point. There have been a number of other, less significant changes to the Guidelines, as well as the Terms and Conditions. Further information can be found in the latest Ideas blog post.

This will be disappointing for those who night be developing submissions based on these licences, however it should help return Ideas to its original goal: to foster fan driven LEGO sets.

What do you think? is this a positive change for Ideas? Or do you think it  unnecessarily restricts options for submission? Leave your comments blow.

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5 thoughts on “Time for Fresh Ideas

  1. This is something they tried to introduce last year – hope this time they do it better, there are soooo many projects that don’t fit with this restrictions and they often distract from other more creative options , everyone loves a great batmobile MOC – 😕 – Or how about an upgraded or slightly modified set -😐 –

    I really like the ideas range but they really have to concentrate in quality vs quantity of stuff submitted – maybe creating a separate subsite for sharing your models and one for submitting projects with higher restrictions like part count min/max , fit description, professional finish and probably a vetting process just to get it in to be considered. Just my opinion.

    • Speaking to a few people that have made ideas submissions in recent times, they certainly get vetted with regard to meeting the guidelines before they are put up. And some have had to refine their submission before they were allowed to run.

      • Yes – there is a small vetting process – might be the overflow of old projects that gives the impression that it hasn’t changed much.

      • Admittedly, at this point there are no intentions to archive existing projects, so it will take another year or so for everything to be cleared from the program

      • Yes , especially with the extra time they give to projects depending on the milestone they reach. They should at least make them as a separate group and stop the ability to vote for them – as well this might stop them to appear of people feeds and the popular lists

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