LEGO IDEAS 21341 Hocus Pocus Revealed

I’m not going to lie. I have never seen Disney’s Hocus Pocus. I first heard of this film when the Ideas submission made it through the review phase. I have subsequently heard that while the film started life with lack-lustre reviews, it has become an annual Halloween Children’s Viewing Staple in some parts of the world. Halloween has not held much traction in Australia, historically. In recent years, however, we have see a significant upswing in the number of kids roaming the streets in late October, hoping that someone will give them the lollies and sweets (sorry- I can’t bring myself to call it candy) that their parents restrict for the rest of the year. But I digress.

The original film is now over 30 years old, had a much anticipated sequel full of questioning reviews on IMDB and apparently a third film is entering development. As such, there is certainly a nostalgic drive behind the LEGO Ideas submission made by Belgian Fan Amber Veyt is palpable, and with the appeal held by sets such as the LEGO Haunted House and the perennial recurring Halloween themes minifigures and Iconic sets, I can see that this will probably hold a much broader appeal than just fans of the movie (s?).

 The set is due for release on July 1(VIPs) or July 4 for those who didn’t sign up, and wish to spend their US Independence Day taking on It has 2316 pieces, 6 minifigures and a Catand will cost $AUD349.99/ $USD229.99/€229.99/£199.99/5199.9 TRY/97990.0 HUF/299.99 CAD.

Want to know more?

As a cottage belonging to a trio of 17th century Witches, this build certainly has some Olde Worlde charm, and is likely to hold appeal to fans of castle/ village builds – although it looks like it is like to be significantly taller than typical castle set house scale, and more in line with that demonstrated by the Medieval Blacksmith.

12th June 2023: Today the LEGO Group revealed a set bound to leave you spellbound– the LEGO® Ideas Disney Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage set.  Based on the iconic cottage from the 1993 hit blockbuster, the bewitching story has come back to life once more, revealing all the magical events that happened in the Sanderson home, now in brick form.

It’s been more than 30 astonishing years since the original Hocus Pocus film premiered, and last year saw the much-anticipated sequel Hocus Pocus 2, expanding the story of these iconic characters.  Fans can now build and display their own piece of Hocus Pocus history.  Designed by 26-year old, Belgian LEGO fan and Hocus Pocus fan, Amber Veyt, via the LEGO Ideas platform, the original design attracted 10,000 votes and was then selected to be made into a real LEGO set.  Filled with toil and trouble, the 2,316 piece set comprises a fully  complete with favorite props inspired from the film in LEGO form and not forgetting the six new minifigures too, which include the iconic three Sanderson Sisters, Max, Danni, Allison & Thackery Binx as the black cat.

The cottage set can also be transformed into the Sanderson Witch Museum as seen in the films by simply adding the info-stand, the museum signage, some rope barriers, and a cash register, which can be hidden away in secret storage under the stairs.

I personally have no connection to the source material. I’m too old, and live in a part of the world where it was never contextual for my kids, BUT Bette Miller, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy Minifigures (All camping it up somewhat, but nonetheless)! I actually really enjoy the look of these figures. The kids are pretty generic for me, although the witch’s hat/hair mold looks like it will bring joy to many.

I appreciate the way that the house can be transformed between museum and actual old house, with the movement of a few elements (and especially cool is the fact that a storage space is included for them. And while the building brings a lot of tan and reddish brown, the aged slate roof appears nicely done, and there are lots of nifty fittings that I am sure will inspire many as they de

Some people will love this. Others will have a use for it and others will be indifferent. I might be one of them.

Again, I’m not one to go all out for Halloween, despite what my attempts at a Pepper’s Ghost Illusion using a dodgy PowerPoint presentation and a projector might suggest. I own one haunted house, but the mystique of witches never really appealed to me. I appreciate the detailed furnishing here, but can’t really say anything for the relevance to the source material

The set goes on sale in early July, will cost $AUD349.99/ $USD229.99/€229.99/£199.99/5199.9 TRY/97990.0 HUF/299.99 CAD and you can link to it here.

I am not intending to sound as if I am ‘down’ on this set – I just don’t have a frame of reference. If you do, does it meet your expectations? Let me know what you think in the comments below. And until next time,

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  1. Sigh, yet another, ‘must have’ that will look good in the forest around the Castle.

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