Rivendell Might Just be My Favorite Set to Photograph

When I present a review, the sets are typically photographed in a cold, sterile lightbox, with perhaps a cardboard cutout for good measure. I have been writing up my review of 10316 Rivendell. But it is not quite finished. In short, it is an epic build, full of techniques I had not thought about and tricks that might be applicable at some point. To say nothing of a gorgeous interpretation of the subject matter. It does not pretend to be all of Rivendell but rather incorporates some key scenes from the Peter Jackson Movies.

I took a break from writing up my Rambling Review, so I could enjoy the warm diffuse light of a summer evening, set and camera in hand. Read on to see what happened…

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Welcome to Rivendell:

The Council of Elrond

Elrond and Gandalf

Aragorn and Arwen

Reunited with Family

The Fellowship Go Forth

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek. As you can see, it looks magnificent. I can’t wait to share my full review with you in a few days time. What are your initial thoughts about Rivendell? Why not leave your comments below and until next time,

Play Well!

My complete Rambling Review, along with some new pictures, is now live. You can find it here

This set was provided by the LEGO Group for review purposes. all opinions are my own.

One thought on “Rivendell Might Just be My Favorite Set to Photograph

  1. These are beautiful pictures. I definitely want to get this set, but I’m hoping there will be some new smaller Lord of the Rings sets in the future as I was in a dark age when the earlier sets were released.

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