New LEGO ART: The Great Wave Revealed

In the years since the LEGO ART range was first released we have seen simple mosaics, wrapped in a simple frame, with multiple options, as well as the more creatively shaped Rolling Stones logo. The LEGO Ideas set 21333 Starry Night demonstrated the scope for adding another figurative dimension to an artwork.

Today, the LEGO Group has officially revealed 31208 The Great Wave. Based on Hokusai’s wood cut, the Great Wave, this mosaic extends out beyond the world of studs and DOTs, adding wedge plate, tiles and leaves to add to the foam of of the rough sea behind it.

The three boats under the wave are represented by tan wedge plates, with printed tiles representing the sailors. The white matching, with tan frame brings us a more minimalist appearance than we have seen with the wrist >ahem< wave of Art sets.

The 1,810-piece LEGO Art Hokusai: The Great Wave set is available from January 1st from and LEGO retailers priced at  €99.99 / $99.99 / £89.99/ 169.99 AUD/ 139.99 CAD (Release in APAC will be February 1, while release in India will be in March)

Billund, December 28, 2022: Easily one of the most recognizable and influential Japanese artworks of all time continues to make creative waves around the world: Hokusai – The Great Wave. The LEGO Group is paying tribute to this global masterpiece and its almost two-century long history by re-imagining the iconic masterpiece in LEGO Art form, giving lovers of art and Japanese culture the opportunity to immerse themselves into a relaxing build, perfect for displaying at home.

Since Katsushika Hokusai created the original woodblock print of The Great Wave in the early 1830’s, the image has decorated the walls of museums, inspired music, and been recreated as street art and merchandise around the world. The image portrays Mount FUJI, Japan’s iconic mountain, behind a large wave covering a group of small boats.

The artwork has now been re-imagined by LEGO designers in this new 1,810-piece LEGO Art set, featuring layers and elements of different shapes to portray the lines and depth of Hokusai’s original artwork.

We’re thrilled that fans of art and Japanese culture will get the chance to immerse themselves into the relaxing project of recreating the iconic Great Wave, captured in a LEGO Art set,” said Annemette Baaskjær Nielsen, Designer at the LEGO Group.

“This set offers so many ways that fans can unwind and find their flow. Not just immersing themselves into the building process, but also getting into the artwork and how that is composed. Sparking an interest in Hokusai’s instantly recognizable original and its rich history of almost 200 years.”

According to new research, from the LEGO Group’s global ‘Play Well 2022 Report’, most adults (93%) regularly feel stressed and are looking for new ways to unwind and relax (80%). Most of them (92%) want to unwind and find their flow through activities that are related to their hobbies and interests.

Art and LEGO fans can find their flow as they build and listen to the accompanying soundtrack while looking through the premium booklet of instructions that features details about the original artwork. Using LEGO Art Hokusai: The Great wave as a great escape.

The 1,810-piece LEGO Art Hokusai: The Great Wave set is available from January 1st from and LEGO retailers priced at  €99.99 / $99.99 / £89.99/ 169.99 AUD/ 139.99 CAD, except for APAC where it is available from 1st of February, and India from 1st of April.

What do you think of this new ART set? A refreshing approach? Or more of the same? Why not leave your comments below, and follow the Rambling Brick to make sure you see our review in coming weeks. Until then,

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