Monkie Kid Commences Broadcast/Streaming in Australia

The Monkie Kid LEGO® sets arrived around ten months ago, and the second year’s sets have just been released. and I am excited to discover that the series has recently arrived on Australian television. Last weekend, the Pilot episode was braodcast on 9Go, and is now available to stream using the 9Now app. The series is available in full for New Zealand residents to watch on TVNZ’s on demand website. New Episodes are braodcast on 9Go on Saturday 10:00 am (Eastern Australian Time), and repeated at 4:50am Sunday! They are broadcast as double episodes, back to back. Episodes can be viewed after broadcast the 9Now website/App.

While youtube rips of the episodes have been around, it is nice to know that the series is now available to watch locally. There is no doubt that the series adds to context for the sets available in the theme, and with the second season’s sets just released, it looks like an exciting ride. You can find my review of 80010 Demon Bull King here!

Hopefully, the series will be available in the UK and USA shortly – let me know if you hear details for this.

Have you been looking forward to this series? How about your kids? why not leave your comments below, and until next time,

Play Well!

7 thoughts on “Monkie Kid Commences Broadcast/Streaming in Australia

  1. Do you know the format of the shows are they 2 mins like hidden side or 10 mins like new Ninjago. Or proper 20 mins like a cartoon should be?

    My kids got super hyped for hidden side Then it was a massive disappointment to find the ‘cartoons’ were just adverts for the sets. Hoping this is not the same for Monkey Kid.

    I watched a few of the old TV series Monkey which has the same root legend. So if it’s done well I’ll be excited to watch the show.

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