Piratepalooza 2020: Announcing LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay.

It is now almost 31 years ago since the LEGO Pirates range was released into the world. Inspiring years of adventure, pirates holds a special place in the heart of many Lego fans from the 80’s and 90’s , as well as those who came late to the party in 2009 and the early/mid teens.

In between, have been subjected to the Pirates of the Caribbean sets, and while there have been some good moments, as well as extraordinary Minifigures, they don’t have quite the same appeal of the good old yellow Pirates.

Regular readers will know of my fondness for pirates, celebrating their 30th anniversary last year. We looked at the Forbidden Island, as well as the LEGO Islanders, and today we have the chance to reflect on the literal flagship set of the first wave of LEGO Pirates: The Black Seas Barracuda 6285 – re released in 2001 as set 10040. there were other ships released over the time of pirates, but the Black Seas Barracuda was the original.

This was an important set. Like many of the pirate sets, it featured several firsts: the first named Minifigure (Captain Redbeard); the first female minifigure; the first cloth sail elements, increased facial detail.

It defined a generations expectations of what Christmas would be about: one big lego set, with many figures, and lots of chances to play. There were a number of more recent ships that certainly derived their design cues from this original model, including Brickbeard’s Bounty 6243 (2009) the Brick Bounty 70413 (2015).

And so, it is with great excitement that we can look to the latest LEGO Ideas set: the LEGO Ideas Pirates of Buccaneer Bay – reaching its 10000 supporter target in less than a month, it plainly indicates that there was a desire in the public’s heart to see LEGO pirates return, some way or another.

Based on an Idea presented by Pablo Sánchez Jiménez, this new set takes the concept of the Black Sea Barracuda, and turns it into a land based pirate settlement. However, some deft manipulation, and we have an intact pirate ship, ready to take on the world.

With over 2500 pieces, this set contains elements from several pirate sets, adding to the nostalgia rating. As well as the ship, the settlement evokes memories of the Forbidden Island, bringing back the rowboat and the iconic shark – which first appeared in LEGO Pirates in 1979. Then as we explore the island on which the shipwreck has been has come to rest, we find the former home of the Islanders.

Importantly, we can see some of the ways in which LEGO Minifigure designers has changed since 1989. I love the way in which the artwork has been updated – some of these figures are not new – although the addition of the moustache element for our red and blue pirates.

The new set becomes available on April 1st – I think this set is one of the highlights in the LEGO Ideas range – it answers the call to. ‘Bring back this theme from my childhood’, in just the right way. It has 2545 parts, costs $USD 199.99/€199.99 and is designed for builders aged 16+.

The Box that this sets in just screams nostalgia with the yellow border, and diagonal call out in the corner, and the map in the back also calls back to the instructions of the more recent sets from 2009-2015.

Become a pirate with this brand-new LEGO Ideas set, inspired by the 1989 Black Seas Barracuda pirate ship model. Adventurers can now explore the island and the wreckage of Captain Redbeard’s famous ship, which was lost at sea over 30 years ago.

The new LEGO© Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay set has been created based on a submission to the LEGO Ideas platform by fan designer Pablo Sánchez Jiménez, who has a passion for all things pirate and was inspired after building LEGO brick models with his dad when he was young. The concept behind the LEGO® IDEAS Pirates of Barracuda Bay set reached the 10,000-supporter milestone in just 25 days – making it one of the quickest sets to hit the target.

With 2,545-pieces in total, the model contains everything a pirate or LEGO fan needs to create the ultimate shipwreck – including a captain’s quarters, food store and supply dock. LEGO builders can even uncover buried treasure on the island by removing parts of the ship to explore new areas and create new stories.

This set also contains 8 Minifigures all based on pirate characters from the classic pirate lines, including the iconic Captain Redbeard, Lady Anchor, Robin Loot and the twins, Port and Starboard, as well as 3 other pirates and 2 skeleton figures and various animals to discover on the island.

When builders tire of being stranded at sea, the island can also be reassembled to create Captain Redbeard’s legendary ship, the Black Seas Barracuda. Rebuild the ship to launch a rescue mission to take the ship’s crew back to safety and find the buried treasure.

The LEGO® Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay set measures over 23” (59cm) high, 25” (64cm) wide and 12” (32cm) deep and is sure to catch the eye whether proudly displayed or placed amongst other LEGO Pirate sets.

LEGO Ideas offers fans the opportunity to submit their own brick creations with the chance to have their concept brought to life with the help of LEGO master designers and a share of the net sales.

So, what do you think of this set? Hopefully, it will be logistically possible to get it delivered in early April. With shops around the world closed, it will be a little while before many of us can get a chance to build it.

That said, you can visit Bricktasticblog.com or Truenorthbricks.com for an early review, or if you wish to see how it goes together, visit Between the Bricks on twitch www.twitch.tv/betweenthebricks at 0600 New Zealand time Time/0400 AEDT (25/3)/1300 24/3 EDT (New York)/ 1000 PST/1700 London/1800 Europe. Check out the work done by these great Fan Media, with support from the LEGO Group’s AFOL Engagement team.

What about me? I want it. Quite a lot. It looks like a fun build, with lots of detail, as well as the ability to turn it from a shipwreck/pirate settlement to the complete ship. It ticks so many boxes for me. Hopefully, shipping can occur in the face of COVID. If not, ill have something to do later in the year.

Until then, play well.

One thought on “Piratepalooza 2020: Announcing LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay.

  1. That looks great, it’s £179.99 on the UK Lego Store. I wondered if the April 1st launch date might be an April Fools, but no, it;s true!
    I wonder if next up could be a Castle! I want a new Castle!

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