LEGO® Announce 42109: App-Controlled Top Gear Rally Car

A new LEGO® Technic set, based on a Top Gear Branded Rally Car was unveiled today at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

With 463 elements, including the Technic Smart Hub, as well as both L and XL Technic motors, this set is currently the cheapest way to obtain these elements from LEGO. It is priced at $USD129.99/£124.99 compared with the 4×4 X-treme Off Roader 42099 at $USD249.99/£199.99, although 42099 comes with an additional XL motor. While we don’t have other pricing currently available, I expect that an Australian price might be in the region of $AUD200-250.

As an App controlled vehicle, this car is controlled using the Control+ App (available for free from the Google play or Apple App Store). That said, we are still looking for a way to activate the Technic smart hub, other than using the Control Plus App.

Just as Top Gear has fans who believe the Glory days have passed with the departure of Hammond, May and Clarkson, so too might some believe that the Glory days of Technic motorisation have passed as the Power Functions elements are phased out over the next few years. And at present, without an update to the Powered Up software to allow access the Technic Smart hub, you might well be right.Expect a rant on this topic from me in the near future, as I believe this significantly curtails the potential of the device, to say nothing of breaks the LEGO Promise, contained with in (almost) every element of being compatible with other elements indefinitely.

First ever LEGO Technic Top Gear collaboration revealed at LA Auto Show

Los Angeles, USA: Today, the LEGO Group revealed the first ever LEGO® Technic™ Top Gear Set in partnership with BBC Studios. The new LEGO TechnicApp Controlled Top Gear Rally Caris an authentic looking GT Rally car for ages 9 years and above and will be available globally from 26thDecember 2019.

LEGO Technic designers joined forces with the BBC Top Gear team to co-design the body of the car and accompanying stickers to create an ultra-realistic and fast looking racer that fans are sure to enjoy building at home.

The model is remote controlled via the LEGO Technic CONTROL+ app and contains functions such as steering, multi-touch control and gyro control as well as different challenges and achievements to deliver a thrilling, immersive play experience. The rally car comes complete with 1 large motor, 1 XL motor and 1 Bluetooth controlled smart hub.

“It’s exciting to have collaborated with LEGO Technic on this and it’s a very natural fit for the Top Gear brand. The LEGO Technic Top Gear Rally Car is the result of several months hard work from the LEGO and BBC Studios teams and we can’t wait to see it on the shelves soon” said Jason Easy, Head of Licensing UK, BBC Studios.

Niels Henrik Horsted, Marketing Director for LEGO Technic added: “We are really excited to finally reveal the App-Controlled LEGO Technic Top Gear Rally Car. The car offers a challenging build for ages 9+ who are into authentic play and intrigued about how things work. The CONTROL+ app gives an extensive play experience with several different play modes and exciting challenges.” 

Compared to the other sets currently using the Control+ App, this new set is aimed at a younger demographic. This is evidenced in part through the use of the Top Gear Branding, a simpler build, as well as the incorporation of system elements and extreme quantities of stickers on the body. Never mind the fact that the Box recommends for Ages 9+.

I have mixed feelings about this set: is is a more reasonable way to purchase the Smart Hub, compared to the X-treme 4×4; BUT Until the the Smart Hub is unlocked for control using the LEGO Powered Up App, the Hub remains limited in its use, bypassing the LEGO promise for ongoing functionality. I’m sure it will be unlocked ‘Real Soon Now.’ I am starting to find this aspect quite frustrating… come back soon for a rant.

However, as a way for you people to learn about how an engine functions, this is possibly not the best of the current sets. I presume the steering mechanism may well reflect one used in real life.

However, relatively inexpensive motorised car with branding from a popular television show, controllable through the Control+ App. I’m sure the kids will love it. You might too.

What do you think? Leave you comments below, and follow the Rambling Brick for further travels into the world of Powered Up. Until next time…

Play Well!

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