LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed – Now Open for Pre-registration.

At the Fan Media days in Billund this year, I had the chance to see a presentation from the LEGO Games/ Gamesloft team about LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, an upcoming mobile game due for release in a month or two. Gathering figures and sets from the past 41 years, it looks set to reinvigorate interest in sets from past. You can read our announcement of the game here.

Today, Gamesloft have opened the platform for pre registration today: you can sign up to pre-register, and have access to great gifts when the game is officially released in the next month or two (I’m awaiting announcement of the release date too). you can sign up for pre-registration here. Read more for further details, and a new gameplay video.

At this stage, registering gives you the chance to vote for a choice of Hot Dog Guy, Darwin the Pirate or Blacktron Dwayne

Pre register, and vote for one of these figures to be available as a special gift at launch…

To go with the announcement, there is a new video released today, showing examples of the battle play as well…

I’m excited to see the new game: images we saw in Billund were exciting, and some special sets were borrowed from a super secret archive to show us some of the sets to expect to become collectable in the game.

In the first instance, there will also be 48 different minifigures, based on classic themes such as space, castle and pirates as well as collectable minifigures, and modern themes such as Ninjago and LEGO City.

Here is the press release:

Paris, August 21st, 2019 – Gameloft, one of the world’s leading publishers of mobile games, today announced that pre-registration is now available for LEGO® Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. LEGO fans and battle- RPG lovers can now visit to learn all about this new mobile game gathering 40 years of LEGO minifigure history and universes.

In LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, players will collect classic and modern LEGO minifigures and sets, form a party and engage in epic and fun team battles and adventures. The game will feature iconic, fan favorite universes from yesterday and today, recreated with incredible detail to please players of all ages. The new gameplay trailer unveiled today offers a sneak peek of what will come out of the box.

Fans that pre-register will be rewarded with in-game currency and gems when the game launches globally this Fall. In addition, pre-registered fans will be able to vote for their minifigure of choice between Hot Dog Guy, Blacktron Dwayne and Darwin. The Minifigure with the most votes will be gifted in-game at launch!

I look forward to this game becoming available during the next month or two. You may have noticed a thing for pirates in the blog lately, as well as a penchant for Classic space in the past. Indeed, the whole nostalgia aspect is just hitting me square on. I can’t wait.

As a side point… I would love to see some sets to come out of the current LEGO Games: reinvigorating the classic sets here would be sure to play to many older fans, while there is even scope in LEGO Tower – considering the actual tower modules/floors or even small city type sets featuring the vehicles or VIPs – with the moving truck, limousine or construction team.

What do you think of this latest offering? leave your comments below, and until next time,

Play Well!

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